Tuesday, August 9, 2011

What's New in the Studio

We have exchanged our boxes for the Vintage Christmas in July swap.  Here is what I sent to my partner Deb.
We had to send one handmade ornament and one vintage ornament.  Here is the handmade on I did for her.  A tussie mussie style Victorian ornament. 
then I covered this paper mache treasure style box with Christmas papers, and filled it with these vintage goodies. . . . . .
a vintage glass ornament, a Santa from the 60's, a little glittered bell, an oblong glass ornament, and old fold out accordian bell, a strand of mini mercury glass balls, candy canes etc. all wrapped up in this red vintage hankie.
A Santa head bank, and a little plastic pop-up toy.
I love these wind chimes from the 70's

Inside this wrapped box, was another vintage glass ornament.  

Now here is what I received from Garage Sale Gal  Look at these beautiful antique Christmas cards and ephemera.  I love the little coasters too.  I even love the tissue paper she packaged it up in.
Her handmade ornament for me.

Look at these darling vintage cupcake toppers. (Above) 
I was so happy to see one of these cinnamon ornaments that we used to make in the 80's and 90's, and it is in the shape of Minnesota.  Just love it.  Not only is Garage Sale Gal from Minnesota, but so is my hubby!
An assortment of vintage ornaments.  I love it all and she spoiled me good!  Thank YOU Deb.

Then I made a trip to my favorite thrift store, and I found. . . . .  My total came to $10.50
I found a crusty little metal tray, a sweet little iron trivet, a mini glass terrarium, and this wonderful fluer de li glass canister, and a sweet little glass beaded goblet, that is begging to become a pincushion holder.  This metal wall pocket.
And I have been collecting shakers and glass bottles that would work well for my mica flakes and glass glitter.  I found three the other day.  I have had fun looking for the one salt shaker that gets left behind.  I had fun filling all of them today, and lining them up in my studio.


Anonymous said...

Everything is wonderful, but box with a bow is a wonderful!
I send you a nice greeting from the Croatia:)

Anonymous said...

loved this swap :D

just getting back from vacation
and my pkg from Little Messy Missy
was here...i will post pics this
week of the wonderful ornaments she sent me that belonged to her
grandparents. i didn't take pics
of what i sent to her, but if you
know LMM @ all you know she is
pure vintage and has that wonderful
vintage camper...so i'm sure she
liked the vintagey camper hallmark ornament with santa inside that i sent to her...

i have been the lucky recipient of some of Deb's swaps and i know she goes above and beyond to make her swap partners happy!!! you both rec'd wonderful treasures from this swap...



Thanks for being a great swappartner! Love all my Christmas vintage treasures!!
Love the shaker idea for glitter. I have plently of shakers around the house! LOL!

Fran. said...

Great swap pics! And oh so fun! I did a swap with Deb before she is very talented! Mine was Fall and I love what she sent me! I can't wait til Fall it's been so hot and the humidity has been awful!! Love what you sent her. XO Fran.

ShabbyESP said...

Hello and Thank you!!!
I received my box yesterday and everything is beautiful!!!
Suzann ~xoxox~

Susanne said...

Thanks for visiting my craft space. I haven't gotten around to everyone yet either. Now I'm on vacation, visiting family and don't always have internet (at the local library now), so I'll have better luck when I get home.

Am doing some treasure hunting while I'm away, looking for things like your salt shaker glitter bottles, so cute.

Martha's Favorites said...

Hi: What a great package to get. Lucky lady, I see many projects for you to enjoy! Blessings, Martha

Unknown said...

Love all of your vintage holiday goodies. I so loved the vintage wrapping paper you used to wrap the box, fantastic.
Thanks for sharing.

Tammy @ tinselshop.com said...

Thanks for joining my linky party! What a fun swap, I am crazy abou the wrapping paper, snowman tag and MN ornament, I am originally a Minnesota girl!

Best wishes,

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