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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Thrilled again!

I have a new granddaughter. . .Meet beautiful Claire Elise!
My son Isaac is quite proud of his little family!

Her big brother and sister both love her very much!
Her two Grandma's think she is amazing, and truly "Something Special"
Oh, and everyone else likes her too!!!!!
So I am quite proud you see!  Wouldn't any grandma be?

Monday, August 29, 2011

Check out this post on the history of scrapbooking, with a little giveaway!

I have a lovely post about how scrapbooks began in the 19th century.  Come see the actual scrapbook from 1889 that I have posted on SPECIAL PAPER PROJECTS, or click on the page above that says Special Paper Projects.  If you become a follower there, and leave a comment, you will be entered into a sweet little giveaway there which consists of some lovely victorian ephemera and German diecuts.  Two of the pieces will be from that 1889 scrapbook!  The drawing for this will be on Sept. 15th.  Note:  you must become a follower and comment on the post about the history of scrapbooks at SPECIAL PAPER PROJECTS TO BE ENTERED!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Sweet Petite French inspired Crafts

When visiting my favorite Thrift Stores, I like to look for interesting little containers, that I can put a handmade pincushion in.  I have done up the following, for either my Etsy shop or just to have a little gift around when needed.  I love to put a bit of a French touch too.

There were two of these mini glass houses, but I just got one of them.  I knew I would regret that.  I filled it with doily lace, ribbon roses, and a glittered up Fleur de lis on the top, and added some dyed seam binding.
I don't know what this little sterling silver plate tray was, but it was perfect for a sweet pincushion.  And an antique glass button graces the top.
I call this the little french parfait pincushion.  I used vintage lace on this one and found an old earring post to place on the top in my stash!   This is such a sweet petite parfait cup.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Terrific Transferware. I love mine!

Something else I love to look for, when antiquing is dishes in the transfer ware style.  I don't know why, but I get so excited to find something unique and picturesque.  And half of the fun for me is turning it over to see where it was made.  I am not sure if all of the following pieces qualify as transfer ware, I have heard some refer to these types of dishes as toileware. I would love to get some input!  Any experts out there?
"The Friendly Village"  Johnson Bros. Staffordshire, England
The larger plate is more Johnson Bros. Staffordshire, England also "Friendly Village, and the smaller plate is "Myotts Bouquet"  also Staffordshire, England.  I think that many china companies are in Staffordshire, England
"Old English bouquet"  Ridgway Staffordshire England

The red and cream ceramic is a little candle holder.  In the front of that is Royal Homes of Britain "Hampton Cout Palace" (built in 1515) made in England  Johnson Bros.
This plate is a "Spode" definitely unique!
Copeland "Spode" England FLORENCE  
This little cup in the front is a souvenir from "Anne of Green Gables"  the larger mug in the back is "Crown Trent" Staffordshire England.
This is the saucer which belongs to the cup above and it says, ENGLAND 1760 Leeds 1878
a reproduction in 1932.
  Historical collection  England
 More Johnson Bros.  Made in England  (Coaching scenes)
I love the floral green!  Made in England  Strattfordshire
I love this one with the embossed raised edge.  This one was made in the USA
This also comes from a company in the USA  I think it is from a restaurant set of Dishes.  
Our Everyday dishes.  Not from England, just copy and made in China, but I love them anyway!
This set suppliments our everyday.  Just wanted to have extra.   
Hope you have enjoyed this post about transferware dishes.   

Saturday, August 20, 2011

My focus right now!

This is Ty, and he is my baby.  The youngest of 8 children, 18 and has graduated and left the nest.  He is a handsome, very polite, appreciative and loving young man.  He has found work and roommates in another city. I miss him so much!
Since officially becoming an empty nester 3 weeks ago, I have been going through everything in my home, getting ready for a big garage sale with my friend who is moving to a much smaller place.  I have a feeling of power as I go through drawers and shelves and storage, throwing away, sorting and organizing and knowing that what does not sell, will be donated to the thrift store, and will never again be returned to my shelves and drawers.   I also love coming across things from my children that hasn't been seen for years.  But I have to admit, that junking and thrifting and yard sale finds, will not cease at all, but I am very selective!  I just love vintage!
Some of what will go into garage sale pile.  I seem to have them all over the house!
I love this light fixture in my Dining room.  I picked it out myself and even hung it myself, 5 years ago, when I remodeled my kitchen and dining room, so I am pretty attached to it.  

These wooden letters are on the shelf above dishes year round.  I love to express that word all the time, as home and family are sources of GREAT JOY to me always!

My sister worked for Mikasa for a few years and gave me this beautiful turkey platter from her store.  I have it hanging in my Dining room year round too.  I actually have used it for the Thanksgiving Turkey
I found this cute vintage style clock at a thrift shop, for $3.00.
my vintage sewing notion collection.
A picture of my youngest Ty when he was 11 is underneath the cute white shelf that holds those sewing notions.  
On the wall in my sewing/wash room
I am done for now, it is back to the sorting and going through more drawers, boxes and cupboards.  

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

More Christmas in July swapping!

I hosted the event, and I had a late comer, so I decided to be another partner to her and let her swap too.  Here is what I sent to her.  Deana at justdeesarts.blogspot.com
Avintage glass ball for her.
a glass glittered Santa bank circa 1950's
of course some chocolate, tinsel and a not so old, but new ornament.  And this vintage red velvet reindeer head.
The hand done ornament I made for her.  Also some  vintage Ephemera in a handstamped bag.
Some extra things.  The little china teacup ornament is lenox
A vintage poem about Kriss Kringle!  (probably from the 20's)

and here is what Deana sent to me!  Everything she sent is something I can and will use in my crafting.  I don't know how she knew, just exactly what to send me!
She flattened and painted this old spoon.  So cute!
 She sent so many darling miniatures for trees and such!
 Some are vintage I am sure, and I love them all!
 these tiny little lights for tiny little trees. . . .
I love the little wreaths too.  Thanks you so much to you Deana, and another thank you to Garage sale gal and all the other participants in the Vintage Christmas in July swap!
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