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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Recent vintage finds in unusual places

Last weekend, I was in Cedar City, Utah with family, and my daughter-in-law and I decided to hit some yard sales.  We found two that yielded some great finds.  The old rusty tin above yielded some great old buttons and also some other very interesting vintage items.  Above is the tin after I took most of the buttons out to wash the rust and dirt off of them.  The button tin had a weird smell because of the rust.  Below are pictures of what I found in all the pile of buttons.
These vintage glass buttons.  I love love glass buttons!  yippee!
These unusual pretty buttons. some are celluloid I am sure.

Some very large buttons and rusty bobbins.
then buried in all the buttons were these unusual items.  A crusty "J" hair clip, a rusty boy scout knife, a whistle that had turned patina, and some military type wings.  Most people would probably have thrown them away, but I call them truly interesting and wish I had stories of the people who once owned and used these things.  
Even the button cards by themselves are cool.  These are what caught my eye in the first place, laying in the old rusty tin.  All this vintage goodness, even if it did need to be cleaned up, was only $4.00

At the next yard sale I found these way cool glass glittered shadow boxes (below) calling out to me.  They aren't vintage, just look alikes.  Oh, the things I could do with those, and they are still in the original box unopened.  This was $2.00
And I also found this at the same sale.  Something for my studio or perhaps my own dresser.  
This cool jewelry console that was only $1.00

I am going to paint it up shabby!
 But then my truly amazing find and bargain of the day was this electric wall sconce.  I am thinking  maybe 1920's  There is still a bulb in it although I don't know if that is truly vintage. the crystals that are hanging on it will surely find other uses.  And I am planning on something special with the rest of it.  When I saw them I wanted at least one of them really badly.  
The man was selling antiques in a parking lot, out of a big truck.

Notice that the tag on this sconce says $99.00 for the pair.  I asked the man if he would take less than that.  He said he could go as low as $25.oo for the pair.  I said I just wanted one and would he take $10.00 for one.  He said I guess so.  So this lovely piece with all the crystal only cost me $10.00  I think it was the bargain of the day for sure!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Grandma's Attic Matchbox Swap

Today the mail was really fun, because in it I received my "Grandma's Attic Matchbox Swap hosted by JoAnne at Vintage Dragonfly  And here is the beautiful and stuffed to the brim and beyond matchbox that was sent to me by Michele Murray from Nook and Cranny gifts.  I love love love it, and feel very spoiled with all the vintage goodies.  When I opened it it was all wrapped up in tissue and tied with the vintage lace, and after unwrapping that I found this matchbox all wrapped up in a vintage hankerchief with this picture attached to it.
After unwrapping the hankie, I found this sight.  I love the distressed doily, brooch and old watch.

Here is the contents.  So much to look at!
Then there was a sweet organdy bag with these pretty earrings inside.  I love them, and will definitely wear them.

And here is the matchbox that I sent to my partner, Becky

I sure have as much fun decorating and figuring out what will go into a matchbox as receiving one in the mail and going through it.  

Thanks so much Michele Murray for the great matchbox you sent!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Summertime Tea Party

When I woke up this morning I looked out and saw that it was cloudy and looking like it would rain.  What do you do with your 8 year old granddaughter if she is staying with you and you can't go swimming?  Well, I think you should invite another 8 year old and have a Tea Party.
 Aren't they just adorable.  And they are both just as sweet too.  My little friend on the left, and my granddaughter on the right.  I have been wanting them to get together for a while, so I kept telling my friend that I would have her over when my granddaughter came for a visit.  Notice the vintage clip-on earrings they are both wearing.  They were pinching, so I told them they only had to wear them for the picture!
My granddaughter and I went to work on setting a sweet little table.  She is such a great helper, and was so excited for the little event.  She loved getting out some special things and I taught her how to set a proper place setting.  I finally got to use my sweet sign made by Kristin from Signs and Salvage.  We swapped at Valentines and this is one of the signs she sent me.  Another reason I had to have a tea party!

At each place I put a small teacup and saucer for them to keep, with almonds and dried cranberries inside with a special tag for each one in hopes they will remember the fun time we had at our "Tea"
We had buckwheat waffles, boysenberry syrup, juice and fruit salad.  We talked about table manners all the way through it.

What a fun time we had discussing 8 year old happenings.  These girls are the cream of the crop.  Thank you for letting me play with you!

Monday, July 25, 2011

We have winners for my celebration Giveaway!

Thank you so very much to all who entered my giveaway, became followers, and all those who left sweet comments and posted on their blogs about this giveaway.  I had over 60 who entered.  I thank you all! And the winners are :
                                                       1st place:  The pitcher and dried grass
                                                                         The pin cushion
                                                                         The French inspired card:
                                                                                         Suzanne at Shabby ESP

                                                       2nd place: The faux watch and beaded necklace
                                                                          Rectangular crochet doily

                                                                                         Marsha aka Sassy Mini Dolls

Congratulations:  Please contact me so I can get your addresses ASAP

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Christmas in July party

Oh I found this blog this morning, at One Heart at Home and thought it was so appropriate for me to join in since I am hosting the "Vintage in July Swap."  So if you haven't seen it, you must visit there, and you will be treated to a wonderful reminder of one of my favorite Vintage Christmas movies.
Yes, especially you gals who are participating, you must click on the picture to the right, and it will take you right there.  She also has links for others who are blogging about Christmas in July!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

From my Trip to Minnesota

While on our trip up North, I was able to hit the antique malls in places we stayed.  The first one, in Stillwater, my husband came in with me and enjoyed looking for particular items such as old record albums, and toys from when he was little.  But the next day after driving through horrible thunderstorms,  he kindly declined, so I said, just drop me off for a few hours.  He was happy and I was happy.   I was limited of course on what I could bring back, having only carry-on luggage.  But I did manage to find oodles of vintage, buttons, a truckload of vintage crocheted lace and of course another small white pitcher for my collection.  I found this beautiful white mug also for my studio shelf and some lovely old ephemera, and some vintage Christmas decorations.  My suitcase was almost bursting!
* For anyone interested, my celebration giveaway is still opened until the 25th of July.  It is on my sidebar!  Also, my Where bloggers Create III tour of my studio is the next post down!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My Studio welcomes you!

Well, it is finally here!  This is my Studio post for the blog party!
 My studio, like so many other crafters and artists out there, is most definitely one of my favorite places to be.  I adore being at home right here in this little room all my own, with surroundings just for me, which doesn't have to please anyone else.  Some people might call it cluttered and busy, but I think it is lovely eye candy everywhere, and that is what makes it so special, and inspirational.  I am fortunate to have so many wonderful blog friends who have added to my wonderful little room here.  They give me inspiration and such joy! And that is why I love to create here.  It started out as the Scrapbook room or my family knew it as the "memory room" but that has all changed, and I simply call it the Craft Studio, because so much more happens here than just scrapbooking and paper crafting. 
Above:    As you look in from the hallway

Vinyl lettering over the only window in the room states one of my favorite quotes.   I can sit at my desk and look outside our front yard and see what is going on in our very interesting neighborhood! 
One of my set designs just finished for "Story Tellers Club" on my main work space.
A poem that my dear friend wrote for me as a gift about my creative hands is framed here.  I am taking a sweeping circle of the room, and going counter clock-wise.  So sit tight there are many pictures.
I turned this old sewing cabinet into a display table.  I can't have the drawers in because they are not only holding exchanged tags, vintage trims and doilies, antique pins and findings for me to look at, but it is a way for me to have it all at my fingertips.  I rather like the look of the skeleton cabinet without the drawers.
This used to be the closet, but the doors came off and I now have more room for inspiration.  The DVD/TV player is for movies only, for when I am hard at work.
Favorite tag books go here, from exchanges from so many talented bloggers.
Yes, I am the queen of this room!  It may be the only thing I am truly queen of!

Did you know that you can buy a box of 100 vintage look tags at Office depot.  I love them for displaying trims, string and ribbon.

My cricut works very nicely on this antique folding table, and the French Apron and knob which it hangs on was a gift!  Some of the wall decorations I have are made by myself or sent to me from a blog swap.

I simply love to find unique shelves for my room, but I don't think I have to much more space for many more.  The slant top desk, has been in the family for generations!  My husband let me paint it and use it in my studio.
This is a single page layout I did of my mother, and it hangs on a 12 x 12 clipboard.

The top folds down for another keen work space to build my recycled shabby jewelry.

The top drawer at the desk.   Love those frozen charlotte heads.  

Lots of German Scraps to create with!
My Christmas Crafting drawer!

Above: A new creation and part of a blog giveaway to be given out!

My magnet board collage
This shelf was made by my husband in 7th grade in wood shop.  It has been painted many different colors and has been in many different rooms.

This print is simply called "The Nest"

Two of my favorite things are My Mother's hat portrait circa 1960
and this pair of antique Silhouettes.

My Imagine * Design * Create Wall
More views!
This lovely wedding cake was a swap gift from the extremely talented Jen of jnichelle.blogspot.com  I am so very lucky to know her and to have one of her faux cakes with vintage figurine on top.  It is something I cherish.
I can take credit for making this, but the idea came from Karla Nathan at Karla's Cottage.  She is such a wonderfully talented lady.

I have always thought it fun to mix up the nic nacs in with the supplies, to make it more interesting!
I don't know how this picture got deleted ,but I added it in, because I wanted to show you what I did with my antique measuring tape.  It now displays some of my favorite tags which I either made or blogging friends made.
A pretty wall pocket with some of my favorite photos of grandchildren.

a tiny catch-all right by where I work.  I just like to look at the leftovers etc.
Glass glitter, microbeads and mica flakes in pretty packaging makes for more inspiration and eye candy!  YUM!  Thanks again Jen! jnichelle.blogspot.com (she sent me these lovely bottles and a jar full of mica flakes)

And there you have it, I can't show you every little detail or you would be here for hours.  I love my Craft Studi0!!!!!!  Thanks for visiting and come back again soon!
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