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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My beautiful bottles

I recently decorated some glass perfume bottles that I found at a yard sale last fall.  I spotted these and just had to have them.  After seeing so many lovely shabby old bottles on Pinterest, I knew I had to do them up.
A sweet small cloth doily, an old rhinestone brooch and my ceramic heart that I got for my birthday when I turned 7, that was made by my Aunt.  I have cherished it always.  I think it is one of the few things I have besides pictures from my childhood.

 I used everything vintage on this one accept the keyhole plate.  Even the accordian paper, is old music from a german hymn book.

Hope you enjoy my decorated bottles, I know I will!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Vintage Valentine Candy Box Swap

I was a host for "The Vintage Candy Box Swap" (a swap for Valentine's Day) and I ended up with two partners because we had an uneven number when it was all said and done.  I did not mind.  I also received a lovely box from one of the participants, because she is a good generous friend and she wanted to do it for me.  (she will be getting a little surprise in the mail from me)  So I ended up with 3 boxes of vintage Valentine loveliness.  Wow, did I get spoiled spoiled again.  Sit back there are lots of pictures in this post.  First I will show you what I sent to them. . . . . . . .

Here is the box I decorated for Wendy Wirth
 Let's go through the layers.

This was the one that was sent to Wendy Wirth.  I made earrings for Wendy.
And the next one was sent to Pam White

 I switched the little jar candle for some other things at the last minute because of weight because of shipping.  
                                          Pam's box was a little more kitchy vintage.

Around the first part of February, I received a surprise candy box from Laurie at Indulge your shelf

Aren't you just all drooling over this very Valentiney Vintage box!
Be still my heart.  I love this piece and the box it came in.  I just loved all that she sent so much  the next  picture is the Valentine I sent out to Laurie, to thank her for the goodies she surprised me with.  This heart was like a mini candy box filled with little goodies.   The only problem is that I did not photograph the contents of this little tin heart.  I do remember putting a bracelet in there.  There were just so many packages this month, I can't hardly keep up!  Love to you Laurie,  you are so very generous and thoughtful!   

This next box was sent to me by Pam White, of The Finderskeeper.blogspot.com and I am still drooling over the box and the contents.
My Heart be still!  These cards are from the gifted line!  Love them!

 Oops I think this photo is actually upside down.  Oh well I was giddy with delight when I tried these gloves on and they fit!
I could never have to much of little bottles with glitter in them.   I was completely in love with all of this.  Pam spoiled me so much

The next one was sent to me by Wendy Wirth. of thefrogprincess-ww.blogspot.com  She used a Heart shaped candy box

I love the pretty heart lace on the side.
Upon opening the box there was this wonderful graduation announcement from 1927.  I love it!

I loved the crocheted snowflakes, vintage buttons, and the needle book with needles, and she even included some ephemera, scrapbook supplies and dark chocolate, my favorite.  I think you will all agree that I did indeed get spoiled this February with amazing swappin!  Thanks to you all!  

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Crafting Valentines

 I have been hard at work making Valentines.  Valentine cards, Valentine Candy boxes, valentine Spoolies and even Valentine bracelets.  These photos are all of items I have made in the last couple of weeks. (accept for the boxes as that will be a post later)  JoAnne of Vintage Dragonfly hosted a swap which consisted of exchanging what she called Valentine Spoolies.  Some great examples came from Lynne Trash to treasure art  and they are beautiful. . . . . .
 She said do up some spoolies, but don't exactly copy these.  I always need to do something different anyway.  So here are the ones I came up with.

This one will be sent to my partner Jo.  I used lots of glass glitter and even little bits of broken pink mercury glass.  I used an old tiny heart shaped box, and two old spools.  I envisioned

the back side.

  I decided to use some vintage wooden spools and some cute small old bottles all put together to form a Valentine Spoolie.  I really had fun creating these.  The first will be sent to my partner.  And then I just really wanted to keep one for myself. 

Then I got busy making Valentine cards.  I love paper crafting.  I also had 2 partners for a Valentine Candy box swap, so I decorated candy boxes, but that will be for a new post later.  

                               I even did up 2 valentine bracelets for the swaps I have done.  I hope you all have fun making Valentines.  Be sure to come back as there will be more posts for Valentine's day!

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