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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

New quilt and a baby blessing dress.

I got the hidden cottage vintage Christmas craft boutique hosted at my home, then it was onto the quilt I needed to get done for granddaughter Mayley's first birthday. Then there was a blessing dress for our newest grandchild to sew.   I was thrilled to get to do this again. These sweet babies are so wonderful.  I think that is the 10th one I have made for a granddaughter.  (we now have 15 little girls to spoil, and very soon 8 grandsons)
 These pictures were taken with my iphone so they are kind of blurry.  I have not blogged in so long, I am wanting to get back into it.  I am not even sure that very many people are still blogging

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Random Vintage Stuff!

It's all about my love for all things vintage.  
A Vintage sign made by me from an old board found out in the desert!
 Remembering all the embroidered doilies. This one probably made for the back of a stuffed chair.  Remember when cedar chest were full of this stuff?
A very vintage icon here.  I could not believe I was standing next to it.  The Oscar Mayer Wiener mobile!  WOW!
A very old copy of  the book Peter Pan
An old vintage cross-stitched doily
a wonderful canape set just right for making hor'duerves in the sixties
This comes from the 1970's Pfalsgraff  pattern called yorktown.  This is a piece left from the dishes we started out with 36 years ago.  

Thursday, August 14, 2014

A new finished quilt for a new grand baby

 I am really getting hooked on the quilting. I am learning more each day about piecing and machine quilting.  I have so any other projects to complete.  I have craft fairs coming up so I really need to be crafting for the booths, BUT I can't stop planning and thinking about my next quilt!   Signed. Someone who is getting a new addiction!!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Where Bloggers Create 2014

For the big Where Bloggers Create party, here is my post!  There are always changes in the studio from year to year.I think this is my 5th time participating.  Some changes, but lots has stayed the same. A few of the images are from last year.  Hope you enjoy your visit.  So here goes!

I surely hope you have enjoyed your visit here.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Enchanted garden Domino book swap

Ever wonder just what a domino book is?   Well take two little dominos and turn them into somethng really special.  A sweet little altered accordian book.  Here is the one that I made for my partner 
JoAnne Balaz of Vintage Dragonfly who is the wonderful gal who hosted this cool summer swap.
The inside view of my accordian pages.

I added bling and charms

 I sent her some extra goodies for being such an awesome hostess for these lovely swaps.

And here is the most loveliest Domino book ever just for me from JoAnne. . . . . . .

and she sent me the sweet spool and a lovely pink organdy bag

And all these lovely vintage garden images on these inside

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