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Saturday, August 20, 2011

My focus right now!

This is Ty, and he is my baby.  The youngest of 8 children, 18 and has graduated and left the nest.  He is a handsome, very polite, appreciative and loving young man.  He has found work and roommates in another city. I miss him so much!
Since officially becoming an empty nester 3 weeks ago, I have been going through everything in my home, getting ready for a big garage sale with my friend who is moving to a much smaller place.  I have a feeling of power as I go through drawers and shelves and storage, throwing away, sorting and organizing and knowing that what does not sell, will be donated to the thrift store, and will never again be returned to my shelves and drawers.   I also love coming across things from my children that hasn't been seen for years.  But I have to admit, that junking and thrifting and yard sale finds, will not cease at all, but I am very selective!  I just love vintage!
Some of what will go into garage sale pile.  I seem to have them all over the house!
I love this light fixture in my Dining room.  I picked it out myself and even hung it myself, 5 years ago, when I remodeled my kitchen and dining room, so I am pretty attached to it.  

These wooden letters are on the shelf above dishes year round.  I love to express that word all the time, as home and family are sources of GREAT JOY to me always!

My sister worked for Mikasa for a few years and gave me this beautiful turkey platter from her store.  I have it hanging in my Dining room year round too.  I actually have used it for the Thanksgiving Turkey
I found this cute vintage style clock at a thrift shop, for $3.00.
my vintage sewing notion collection.
A picture of my youngest Ty when he was 11 is underneath the cute white shelf that holds those sewing notions.  
On the wall in my sewing/wash room
I am done for now, it is back to the sorting and going through more drawers, boxes and cupboards.  


Marsha @ Tattered Chick said...

What a handsome young man!

Wish I could attend your garage sale!!! :)

I hope you're having a wonderful weekend!!


sjmcdowell said...

Hi Sweet Michele,

So glad I stopped in this evening to visit you here.
My what a lovely son you have.
I noticed that you love vintage sewing notions...so I have a question for you...would you like a few more to add to your collection??
I know you are getting rid of things and probably the last thing you need is more stuff...but I have a feeling you might like what I want to send to you.

Send me an E-mail and we can talk more about it!

Love and Hugs,


The Polka Dot Closet said...

Oh my...An empty nester of 8, I still can't get over that! You look about 30, the math just is not working. Enjoy your cleaning and...quiet house, good luck on the garage sale. Oh, baby boy is a hunk!


ImagiMeri said...

Wowsa he's a cutie.....if only my youngest was that age.....they could hook-up.....hee hee.

Hey anytime you wanna' get rid of stuff...think of me! I'm always looking for goodies to either use or donate, myself and I've always prided myself on my self-given middle name.....free. Yup, that's me, Meri Free Wiley, I'll take almost anything, except trash and dirty laundry and misbehaving children...LOL. Seriously, I'm in a Christmas and Halloween mode as I've got customers already asking for my Christmas shadowboxes. If you happen to have anything in those categories and wanna' send me piccy's......I'd be happy to pay for them.

Big Hugs,

Unknown said...

Wow, eight children!!
Your baby is off and out on his own.
I remember very well when I dropped off my one and only child at college many years ago. I thought I could not breath, but this is what we do.
A good time to declutter and clean out.
Have a wonderful week.


Love the JOY ~ it's one of my favorite words
J~ Jesus
O~ Others/Only
Y~ You
Isn't that cool!
It's a great feeling to let go of stuff!! I'm trying to do it myself..
deb :)

Super Coopers said...

Love Ty too. What a great guy he is! The garage sale sounds pretty fun.

Cindy Adkins said...

You have a very handsome son! I LOVE that vintage print of the girl holding the kitty!! So many pretty things you have!

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