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Monday, October 22, 2012

Halloween goodies just for me!

The Halloween matchbox swap hosted by JoAnne of Vintage Dragonfly has arrived from my most amazing partner.  Sarah from Vintage figments was my partner and wow did she spoil me good!  I could not believe this was her first experience doing a matchbox swap.  She seems like a seasoned
swapper.  There will be many photos, so you can really get a feel for just how spoiled I got with this one!  There are lots of pictures but worth the looking at!
 Isn't this just beautiful?  I love the papers she used, from Crafty Secrets!

 She did a faux rustic effect that I am crazy about on this frame.  It turned out amazing!
A beautfiful bracelet she made for me.
She had so many amazing Halloween embellishments
But then there was the witch book
Amazing images and details

I truly got spoiled by Sarah!
 It all looks so great with my Witches apothecary cabinet.  I love it all and still drool over it each time I show it off to someone, or just walk by the display.  Thank you Thankyou to Sarah!
and my Halloween tag book hosted by Kimberly Laws of artjoystuff.blogspot.com so here are some photos of the talent that came through with the wonderful tags.

So many cute embellishments.

 I love this little cauldron, and wonder where in the world it was found.

and the last two photos I want to share with you are of the table I set for dinner last week and one of my favorite Halloween decorations.  This nifty retro crow with his smart suit and jack-o-lantern.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN TO EVERYONE OF MY BLOGGING FRIENDS.  It will be time to start posting things for Christmas soon!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Matchbox for a swap partner

 I just had so much fun with the Halloween matchbox swap that was hosted by
JoAnne of Vintage Dragonfly   Last year I made this one. . . . .

I did a coffin style.  And this year I wanted to try something different.  So the following pictures are what I sent to my partner this year.

I tried a new effect on Picasa for some of these photos.
This is the bottom and the tag that hangs on the door knob.
Here are the extras just put into the box  Styled some earrings for her.\
This accordian book
This cute little swag , "spooky"
 Tucked inside is all of this. . . . .
 If you are wondering why there are letters on the items that get tucked inside, well they all spell out the word 'Halloween
The bottle holds some black mica flakes and has a garlic charm hanging on the side.  
I will be holding my breath for mine to arrive.  Love the swapping, Especially this time of year!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Yesterday's yard sale finds

My daughter called yesterday and said she saw a couple of Yard sales that looked like we just had to go and look at.  I was a little bit reluctant, and I was doing some projects at home, but she came and picked me up anyway.  I scraped together $7.00 cash and said lets go.  I wondered if I could find much for only seven dollars. Well the following is exactly what I found for my $7.00
Two lovely perfume bottles that I got so excited about when I saw the glass stoppers and the lovely patterned glass.
 This pretty embossed ivory vase.  I love the gold trim on the rim.  Looks like Lenox, but don't know if it is or not!
 I love this bread tray and had to have it with it's toile-ware design.
 Here is a perfect little music box.  Wind it up and it plays Silent Night.
 I was excited about these little brooms, as I was just looking for those the other day and wondered if I had any left.  for witches brooms or snowmen too.
None of these things are actually vintage, but certainly have the look.  I will have fun with all of them, and am so happy that my daughter invited me to go and look with her to those two yard sales.

I am linking up to:http://lechateaudesfleurs.blogspot.com/

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

My Apothecary Cabinet is finished

I was a proud and excited to finish up my Vintage Witches Apothecary Cabinet for my Halloween decorations on the first day of October.  I usually drag my feet more on some things like this.  I was inspired of course by this Apothecary event. . . . . .
Laura Carson is the creator of this event and talent behind all the tutorials.  Her Tutorials really just gave me ideas for mine.  She said you could do it however you wished, but did offer products and such to make yours look just like hers.  I did not purchase any of the products she offered, but had so much fun putting together this for my own decor.  And my Apothecary cabinet is not as done up or fancy as hers is.  That is the beauty of this event!

The cabinet is one I had specially made years ago from my "wood man"  It has been a few different colors, but now just happens to be black!
I had lots of fun finding things at home that could work for the Apothecary.  I did purchase some digital labels from Etsy!

This bottle truly is a very old bottle and was found in the crawl space of a very old home we lived in in South Dakota years ago.  I remember that it still had some lotion in it, and my husband found many old bottles and jars down there that day!  It was like a treasure hunt!
I found these crepe paper fall leaves with wire inside in my stash!
Everything in this cabinet accept the skull (dollar store plastic, then painted and crackled) was around my home.  I didn't have to put out any money for this project accept the $2.00 and for the labels

The Tutorials gave so many great ideas.  My bottles are not very embellished compared to the ones in the tutorials.  
I chopped up an old jar candle with the scent of fall for the ear wax and I think it makes perfect Dragon's Ear wax!
I am sure it will continue to evolve, as I think of new things I can add in there.  I sure had fun creating the bottles and witches book!

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