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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Just the beginning for Halloween and Fall decorating

The dining room table centerpiece
I picked this delightful crow up at an after Halloween sale last year.  
I put it under a smaller glass dome.
 My teacup shelf got a little touch of Halloween also!
Another cloche resides covers over a beloved little piece from my mother-in-law.

 Of course the mantel needs a little touch!  I made this banner last year and used my cricut to cut out the letters.
A beautiful fall wreath made by Valerie Kraft of Glittery daze and nights.
 Last years Halloween matchbox swap from Karen Hess last year.  She did a wonderful job of some vintage looking stuff.  the Spooky mini banner was made by her as well.
Made from a vintage Halloween postcard!    Stay tuned as there will be more unveiling as I finish it up!

Friday, September 28, 2012

chicken wire magic

This is my new solution to the over crowded  refrigerator.  I inherited this frame from my mother.   I don't have chickens, but live out in a rural area.  We have an online-yardsale on facebook for our valley.  I put in there, that I needed a 3x3 piece of chicken wire  (I did not want to buy a 25 ft roll) and was willing to give up a couple of dollars, and bingo, someone got right back to me and said she would leave it out for me, free of charge.
I did spray the chicken wire white after I had it stretched and in place on the back!
I used an acrylic white paint with a glazing medium over that!  Love the detail!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I have a winner!

Congratulations!   The winner for the giveaway I had honoring the birth of baby Lincoln is. . . . . . . .  Shabby Gr8 Dane

Thursday, September 20, 2012

A new sign and Halloween tags

I made these signs for my adult kids for Christmas a few years back, because I thought it would be something good for them to remember as they make their way in the world with their own families, but did not keep one for myself.  Well my daughter did not want hers anymore, as she did not have a perfect place for it, and it does not exactly match her decor, so gave it back to me.  I did not argue, and hung it in my dining room.  I love this sentiment!

 Here are the tags I made for the Halloween tag swap that is hosted by Kimberly at Art Joy Stuff.  These are actually done with very purple glitter and ribbon and trims.  Don't know why the coloring turned out so blue.

 The back of the tags are more simple and display my blog address.  we will send these to her and get a lovely little book of 6 different tags back!  Can't wait!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Just slightly proud!

 His Daddy is a huge University of Utah fan.  That is a little soft sticker on his cheek, not a fake tattoo!

Had to post some professional pictures of the new little Lincoln.  Partly because I think he is an adorable baby, and partly because I am so proud of the talent of my other daughter who is the gifted photographer.  I was present for his 1st professional photo shoot! She took pictures of the two year old big brother too. Way to go Kylee for having such beautiful little boys and way to go Tara for being the amazing photographer that you are!
Please get entered into the giveaway in honor of his birth if you have not already!  I am still celebrating!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Announcing a New Giveaway. .In honor of Baby Lincoln


ANNOUNCING. . . . a sweet new BABY BOY and a GIVEAWAY from Something Special in honor or the birth of our 19th grandchild, Lincoln.  I watched him come into the world, and I have spent 4 1/2 days with him, his mommy and big brother (2 year old) Maddox.  Daddy had to be far away after they got home from the hospital for a few days, so I stayed to help my daughter.   I must say that I got a little bit emotional saying good-bye to them yesterday.  But it was time to let the four of them become a family.  
Baby lincoln came out a healthy 9 lbs. 2 oz.  No wonder my small framed daughter was miserable!! Here is 2 year old Maddox with baby brother!  He likes him lots!
3 days old  
If it looks like I am tired, it is because I WAS!  but loved every minute of it!

So in celebration of the blessed event, here is the GIVEAWAY. . . . . . .
                                       A sweet French vintage doily to hang on a hook,

A decorated old loom spool with tiny German basket.

And this playful little boy vintage ephemera package in blues, and sweet little vintage blue buttons  on original card, to really welcome that sweet baby BOY!

1)  Here is what you need to do!  Comment on this post.  Become a follower if you are not already!
(I love followers)  Please let me know if you are a follower.

2)  And to have another chance, Take the image below and post it somewhere on your blog and come back and tell me that you did that!

Good luck!  I love celebrating!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Past sewn favorites

In this post I thought I would put some photos that are of my favorite past projects that were sewn for either a gift or blog swap.  Each one is my own design and has vintage trims or buttons on them or both, and since they are not around anymore, I am happy to have a post about them in one spot.  And in between are wonderful antique images I have collected.  Feel free to use the images if you desire.
This sweet dress was made for my granddaughter Ella Mae's first birthday, and it has vintage trim at the neck and millinery flowers to embellish.

 A Prairie doll complete with pantaloons and vintage crochet collar.

This is a brooch and pincushion I made for another special vintage brooch swap 

This sweet heart cherub pillow was made for a sweet blogging friend

This was for one of A swap for all seasons.  Lots of fun to create this one.
and I used an iron on transfer sheet from my computer.

This was made for a giveaway for Valentine's Day

And since it is getting close to Halloween, this pillow was made especially for a Fall intrigues swap.

I love going into the fall season, or at least pretending too.  Our true fall doesn't really come until the end of October, as we live in the desert, but I love to decorate for it anyway!

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