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Saturday, February 27, 2010

My own Etsy Shop! This is cool!

I just created my own Etsy shop, and I am really excited about it. I have 1 item listed and will list more, but I am just happy that I figured out how to get my pictures uploaded and I will be posting a lot more things. This should be fun!

Friday, February 26, 2010

New Vintage for my birthday.

I had this posted before, and then deleted it, because it was mixed up with some other posts. I recieved this box full of goodies from my good friend Camille
Don't you just love this stuff. I sure do. From the Vintage buttons on original card, to the old bottle with the piece of antique lace wrapped around the spool. She sure knows what I like and I am sure it is the things she likes too. Thanks so much Camille.
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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Recycled Apron

Thought I would like to post this vintage recycled apron I made yesterday.
While looking in my fabric stash. I found this old jumper I use to wear in the 90's.
I took off the back basically, and cut sashes from the back piece. Then I cut off the bottom, moved it up and added this lovely old vintage
doile to the bib. Since there were already button holes, I just decided to do a faux buttoned neck band. Added a cute pocket and I think it turned out pretty cool. What do you think. I will be making many more aprons, each one of a kind with old vintage doilies attached for my new Etsy shop that I will be getting up soon. What do you all think of the doile apron? I believe in the three R's. . .Recycle-Redo-Reuse!

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Monday, February 22, 2010

Valentine swap

I was lucky enough to do a Valentine swap with Kristen over at Signs and Salvage. She makes the most darling little Vintage Signs. This one is so perfect for me. I have a lot of black at my house plus red is my favorite color and I couldn't love glitter more. I am sure I will display this one all year round. Her signs are all handmade in California, and they use reclaimed wood and recycled paper. Each sign is Unique and one of a kind. She also sent me this really neat old vintage card. I love it, and everything lately in my life has been all about older vintage things. I will surely enjoy this little swap. Thanks so much Kristen, and guess what? I found out we share the same birthday. How cool is that. A link to her blog is in my link list so click on Signs and Salvage, and check it out.
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For Sailor Anne

I have been busy sewing for my upcoming grand babies. There was a baby shower, so I got busy and made a banner for my daughter's
baby's room. It is made of a double layer of cardstock, patterned paper, ribbon, and letters I cut from the cricut and painted gold. Then I stamped a scroll on each flag, then sewed around it for stability. Tied them all together with gold edged ribbon.

I made this dress, bonnet and bloomers. English smocking is something I have not done much of, so it is not perfect. I had forgotten how tedious making newborn clothes can be, but very much fun, when it for a sweet granddaughter.
This very very soft blanket made of soft flannel and a velvety fleece. Then some burp clothes. You can never have enough of those. I will be posting the things I made for my other daughter who is having a boy in a later post.
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Monday, February 15, 2010

Some of my favorite things

I decided that I would show a few things at
random every so often amongst the scrapbook
pages and other creative things. Actually this
large wreath is one I did several years ago. I
used to make these and sell them. It has such a
cottage garden feeling. This must be timeless, because
I have had it hanging on my wall now since 1995 and I still get so many compliments on it.

I love mercury glass, and would like to
collect this stuff.

I actually really do like to collect these
type of dishes, with scenes on them.
I am not sure what this
is called, but it might be called toile.
If anyone knows please let me know. I
have many of these plates with scenes
on them. And the clock is a toile design that says
Paris on it. My favorite is french country decor.

*Hey here is an update. The dishes that I love to collect
are called transferware. Thanks to Diane Knotts. She didn't even know she helped me out on that one.

Hey here is an idea. Place a cast iron door mat in the middle
of your table for a great centerpiece mat. These also make the best trivets for hot casseroles.
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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Creatively Green challenge

Don't know if this would qualify for green, but everything used on the card was either from my paper scrap bin, or taken from something else. I even used leftover doilies from my daughters wedding. I only had a few left. The middle embellishment was cut out of paper also. This was the challenge from Nicole for something with glitter.
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Monday, February 8, 2010

Who will swap with me?

Here is a sweet little handmade valentine box that will be filled with dark chocolate bliss! And this handmade Vintage Valentine with envelope. Just a simple little scrumptuous swap!

I would love to find a person from my followers who loves to make handmade vintage cards to swap this week with me. I realize I will not get it by Valentine's Day, but that doesn't matter. I just would love something that someone else crafted, and I have visited so many other wonderful blogs lately That I just have gotten so excited about giveways and swaps.
Update: I will be swapping Valentines with Signs and Salvage. Can't wait to get my valentine sign.
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