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Thursday, July 14, 2016

New Sewing and crafting studio

Come and Join the fun in the 8th annual Where Bloggers create party.  There is a button to click on and find out where to go and tour everyones creative spaces.  Thanks to Karen Valentine of  My Desert cottage for hosting yet another year.  How fun is this?  Love it, and be sure to scroll through my own post on my new studio.  Thanks and hope to make it to your place to see yours.

I have moved to a new house since I last was involved in one of these "Where bloggers create" parties.  I have a bigger space now and therefore I don't fill the space like I did before in my previous smaller room.  I don't scrapbook as much as I use to, but now have become an avid quilter.  Still working on the quilting skills and learning all the time, I find myself thinking and dreaming of quilt blocks.  I still however love to craft, make things for my home, sell things occasionally and paper craft.  The following are pictures of my new studio.  My photographer daughter gets the credit for that fantastic photography.  Thankyou Whirly Pear photography.  I have been in here working for exactly one year.  I am sure that some of you might recognize some items from before.  I just couldn't part with some collections, wares, and supplies.  I teach students to sew in this room. And I absolutely love seeing the stacks of fabric.  Some say that is just not enough Fabric, and I agree.
I just turn my office chair around from my machine to cut on the table  It's very convenient.

My antique baby shoe collection

 love these special compacts from the 1920's and that is a quilted glove box.

I purchased this little steam iron and have it right next to my sewing machine for when I am patchworking.   

I added this to the top of my dress form.  She finally got put on a pedestal.  I had one made for her.

A scrapbook page of my beautiful mother taken in about 1960  She did some modeling work in NY
I love all things vintage, especially lady stuff.
A Quilt I am working on for a quest bed.  It is truly a scrappy quilt as all of the blocks are different.

I hope you have enjoyed this little tour of my new craft and sewing studio.


SewPaperPaint said...

How gorgeous with so many beautiful details! Love the pink walls!

Stephanie said...

Oh my, your beautiful room took my breath away. Every little detail is simply lovely and I can see that it would be easy to spend hours in such a sweet room :) Your baby shoe collection is darling and I just love the valance over your window.

Have a glorious weekend! Hugs!

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

What a lovely space! I love the wall color. I could easily spend time creating in this space.


Rhonda said...

I adore your creative space and wow, your close up images are stunning!

maggiegracecreates said...

beautiful space --- and so many wonderful details

Cindy said...

Love all the little storage spaces all over the room! Thanks for sharing! HUgs!

Jocelyne said...

I love so much about your studio! I couldn't pick one thing as a favorite - it all is! Just beautiful, bright, cheerful spot!

My thrift store addiction said...

I can see lots of inspiration in this lovely work space and I LOVE all of your vintage bling! Blessings, Cecilia

Terry said...

Wow! 8 children and 21 grandchildren! You are very blessed! Like you, I have been married for 35 years. We have 4 children, but no grandchildren yet. I am looking forward to that time in our lives. Your creative space is beautiful! So peaceful. Thank you for opening your door and letting us in.

With gratitude,

suziqu's thread works said...

I'm so glad that you have found you passion for quilting. It is so rewarding creating your own style.
Love all of your vignettes here in your studio and I have to say that your little baby shoe collection certainly is Something Special.
Thanks for sharing,

Leanne said...

I love your space, especially that hanging shelf where you keep your baby shoe collection and other delights. Really liked the "architectural" look of that! Thanks for sharing your space!

Doni said...

Well first of all, congratulations on your new home! We too moved just 11 months ago, so getting everything back out and reafy for living again has been a huge job! You have a lovely craft room! From the pink and cream walls (my favorite color combo), to each detail, your space is full of beauty and interest! So much to see and love! So glad to see you join the party! Hugs! Doni

Bohemian said...

Ah, another Creative Soul that just moved into a new Home! Congratulations and you've done so much in your Year there... I'm so far behind a year in that you've Impressed me!!! Loving all your Art Supplies and how Organized it all is, I'm particularly Enjoying seeing how everyone Organizes their stashes since Organization and Editing are not my strengths! *smiles* Thank You for Sharing your Creative New Sanctuary... Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Marrianna said...

I love your studio space and your blog post with all the photos. I, too, recently took up quilting. I have a separate sewing room that doesn't look as neat as yours does. But I continually sort and organize and declutter both my photo studio and my sewing room so I don't feel so crowded by all my mess. Your vintage collections are quite the inspiration. I look forward to seeing your projects develop and your quilting shares.
Hugs and blessings,

An Oasis in the Desert said...

You have such a beautiful room for all of your sewing & other fabric creations! Those stacks of fabric are just yummy to look at!

Thank you for visiting my creative space and leaving such sweet comments!

Happy Weekend!

Karen Valentine said...

Your new studio is fabulous Michele! It feels so light and airy! I could get lost in there!! Thank you so much for sharing it with us!!!

Marlynne said...

Lovely Creating Room! A a Big Hurrah to daughter for the pictures! I love making quilted picture blocks like your flower one on the wall. Pretty!

Lynda Shoup said...

You have such a wonderful balance between display, function and space. Each element is purposeful and beautiful. Swoon. I am smitten with your space.

Judys Lace Creations said...

Lovely feminine, calm space.Everything in balance. I too thought the baby shoes are precious.

Dry Gulch said...

Love your studio photographs, they are wonderful! Just a lovely space.

Diana Seal said...

Hi Michele,
your studio is absolutely fabulous and filled with so many beautiful things!
Love the pretty wall color, very feminine!
Thanks for sharing your incredible space!

Pat said...

Gorgeous creative space, dear one!
I adore your Gallery Wall!
Although, I don't sew, I often find inspiration for my creations through fabric!
My beloved maternal Grandmother was a refined seamstress!
She always had stacks of fabric in the buffet and would allow me to look through the folded stacks. Also, lots and lots of fabric stored atop her cedar chest in her bedroom.
I'm sue she drifted off to sleep dreaming of her newest creation every night! (wink!)
Love how you've placed your buttons into beautiful crystal and glass apothecary jars!
Thank you for your sweet comment and kind visit today!

Consider It All Joy said...

How happy you must be to play in your creative space! Love you itty shoe collection! And, your use of a variety of bottles for storage and display! Happy Creating, Cindy

Maureen H. said...

What a lovely room, you would never guess you've only been in it about a year! I adored th picture of your Mom from her modeling days, she certainly is a beauty. That pink spinner rack took my breath away, I would love to find one like it. Thank you for sharing your special space and your new found love for quilting.

Jennifer's Vintage Paperie said...

I enjoyed seeing your bright and pretty space. You are so very organized.

Gretchen said...

I'm a fabric artist. I used to make quilts but now I make wall hangings, mostly of landscapes. The item that struck me as one of the things I am going to do is the cloth pockets under your sewing machine. I love it. I won't have to keep looking for things I use frequently. Keep playing with blocks and fabric, it's both relaxing and enjoyable. Thanks for sharing your studio with us. I plan on visiting often.

Louise@ElsieMayandBertha said...

You have a beautiful room, a mixture of supplies and pretty things on display.I especially like your 1920s compacts and the pink 3 tiered stand on the table next to the rocking chair.

Sew Crafty Crochet said...

Such a lovely crafting room! The quilt you're working on looks gorgeous!

Sew Crafty Crochet said...

Such a lovely crafting room! The quilt you're working on looks gorgeous!

Cathy said...

I definitely enjoyed the tour! The nice, big window reminds me of the one in my craft room. The way you've displayed your supplies, fabrics, and treasures is absolutely lovely as well as practical! Thank you for sharing!

donna joy said...

love the room~thanks for sharing! great collections!

Debbie-Dabble Blog and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

Wjhat a lovely room filled with so much eye candy!! Beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing!!

Vicki Boster said...

Oh my- how beautiful is this craft room!! Love that awesome window and the natural light. Your treasures are beautifully organized- and your collections are displayed so pretty. Beautiful fabric collection. You are so lucky to have this special space..

Sherry said...

Your space is beautiful. So many special things to look at and I like that you display them with such creativity. Thanks for sharing your lovely room.

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

Enjoyed all your great photos, such a pretty area. It's been awhile for me visiting but Life just gets busy! Have a good weekend.

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