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Thursday, June 30, 2011

ANNOUNCING! A Giveaway and a Swap

It is here!  A brand new giveaway in honor of my 200th post and my new blog look!   So spread the word!  It is called the Something Special Celebration Giveaway!  And it is loaded with some pretty French look handmade goodness.
1. A cream colored pitcher filled with dried mountain rye grass.
2. A lovely rectangle doily
3. A sweet little pin cushion
4. A pretty pendant (it is not really a watch)
5. A handmade Card/envelope

Here is what you need to do.

1. leave a comment to this post
2. become a follower or let me know that you are already a follower
3. for another chance to win, then just copy the smaller picture above and post on your sidebar.
4.  For yet another chance, post about this giveaway.
good luck to everyone. this giveaway drawing will be on July 25, 2011


Now for the 2nd part of this post.  I am also announcing my newest swap.
The 2nd annual Vintage Christmas in July swap.
last year we had so much fun with this.  I will partner you with someone I feel you would be great with.  I loved my swap last year.  Here are the rules for this swap.  Ship date is July 27, 2011 and be sure to include lots of Vintage or vintage inspired goodness!  First you need to send 1 handmade ornament and send another ornament that must be true vintage.  After that, you can send whatever you want, but please try to keep it vintage or vintage inspired.
Here is a portion of what I received last year in the vintage Christmas Swap.  I had a fabulous partner. Kimberly of Art Joy Stuff!  If you want to get in on the swap then comment here and tell me your interested, and then email me your info.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Summertime Matchbox Swap

When a Vintage Matchbox arrives in my mail, I am overwhelmed with excitement.  It is like stepping into an antique mall on a tiny scale.  The anticipation as I am opening the package is so much fun.  Such special little vintage surprises await me.  I am addicted to this fun little hobby.  Here is the box I did up for my partner in the Summertime vintage Matchbox swap.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

More Vintage Matchbox swapping!

I sure love finding vintage matchbox swaps.  This time it was a swap from the Blogger's Sisterhood Sorority Summer matchbox swap.  I was matched up with someone I have been partnered with before.  The very talented Sassy mini doll maker Marsha Mees and here is a link to her blog.   She and I missed out on signing up for a springtime swap, and so I contacted her to swap one with me.  She was and is an excellent partner.  I loved mine before and I am crazy about the one she just sent me. 

 Marsha sent me the most lovely French themed matchbox.  I was giddy with delight upon opening it all.  She made a Burlap bag to put the box in and a vintage postcard book. Then inside there were so many wonderful little things.  She has not seen hers yet, so I won't post
that one yet.  But the interesting thing is that we put some of the same kinds of things in our boxes, we both did a French theme, so I guess great minds think alike I am sure of it.

I just can't stand all this French goodness!  Thanks so much Marsha!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Refinding and reclaiming old Treasures!

I finally took the big China Wreath off the wall that I made almost 20 years ago.  I saw the idea in a book about turning flea market finds into something to decorate with.  The wreath was hanging in a spot that could not be easily dusted.  It was time to take it down, for about a month is was just put in a closet.  Today I took the pieces off of it and even some of the silk flowers and parts of doilies.  I had forgotten what cute antique pieces I had used on the wreath.

Tribute to my father John Shepard MacCabe

My Father was only 28 when he was killed in a car accident while on Navy Business.  A promising and upstanding Lieutenant JS in the United States Navy.  Killed in 1960, (I had just turned 3 years old).  I have mostly Naval pictures of him, some from his college days and a few Wedding pictures with my Mother.  But in spite of being so young, I still feel like I know him quite well!  I am thankful to wonderful family and relatives who raised me to come to know him.  I only remember being with him once, because he was over seas and on board a ship in the pacific on the 7th Fleet.  That time is implanted in my brain, and I have loved him and miss not having had him when I was growing up!

A few years ago I did this layout in what will some day, when I get it completed, a scrapbook about his short, but fulfilling life.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

My 'French' bathroom

Mixed media collage in the bathroom under glass!
The candlestick is actually a very dark green patina look.  I love this piece.
I have a thing for bunnies, or should I say rabbits, always have.  I found this one years ago in a
I wanted the affect to be rustic, so the decoupage is done to look like it was done a long time ago.
What is it about the Country French decor.  So many people like it.  I have several rooms that I have decorated this way.  Here is one corner in my main bathroom that I have enjoyed doing some mixed media collage work and some decoupage.  The twigs came from my yard.  I used oasis on top of this large candlestick, and surrounded the twigs with silk flowers.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

From the 1920's

And with it were these wonderful vintage greeting cards from the 1920's

 this one is in such perfect condition and had a postmard of 1927

I love this one which is a panoramic piece of artwork when you open it out!
I recently hosted a swap for scrapbooking supplies, called the Scrap Stash Swap.  I only had 3 partnerships involved.  My partner was Julie from The Vintage Chic.  She spoiled me greatly and I love what she sent to me.  I really think she sent to much, but I will say thankyou and be tickled to death!  There was really so much scrapbooking supplies, mostly brand new, and I felt like I won one of those contests from a magazine and they send you all these supplies donated by sponsors.  I am thinking that they are a pre-art-deco type style.  Anyway thank you so much Julie, you are a very special blogging friend.  Check out Julie's amazing paper crafting style and her amazing ability to post very touching and poignant feelgood posts.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

I am not prejudice at all!

I have some of the most adorable grandchildren on the planet.  This one is no acception!
                                                          Meet Sailor Anne Morris!

Just had to show off some of these spectacular photos of my daughter, husband and especially little sailor!   Kendra is the author and shop owner off adorn me girl, and has a wonderful Etsy.  If you are looking to accessorize your little one like Kendra does, then visit here.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Little corner that I love

This is a corner in my craft studio, right by my computer, so I spend lots of time here.  I love my little nests, small inspiration books of quotes and thoughts, and especially my apothecary jar of vintage buttons and small trinkets, in this little corner.   I think I have probably posted some of these things individually before, but not all together.  They will probably get posted again when Karen Valentines blog party happens in July.  The larger nest is a small grapevine wreath filled with spanish moss and bits of lace, shredded book pages, tiny feathers and millinary posies are gathered around the eggs.  The small nest is one that my good blogging buddy Kristin of Signs and Salvage made for me.  It is shredded book pages which are paper mache into a darling little nest.  It came with easter candy in it, but I have replaced it with lavender and a rhinestone brooch in the middle.  It is all good eye candy for me each day!

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