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Wednesday, November 16, 2016


Just finished 16 stockings to sell, and sold 15 via the internet.  My daughter took lovely pictures of them to put online.  Thanks to Whirlypearphotography.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

New Sewing and crafting studio

Come and Join the fun in the 8th annual Where Bloggers create party.  There is a button to click on and find out where to go and tour everyones creative spaces.  Thanks to Karen Valentine of  My Desert cottage for hosting yet another year.  How fun is this?  Love it, and be sure to scroll through my own post on my new studio.  Thanks and hope to make it to your place to see yours.

I have moved to a new house since I last was involved in one of these "Where bloggers create" parties.  I have a bigger space now and therefore I don't fill the space like I did before in my previous smaller room.  I don't scrapbook as much as I use to, but now have become an avid quilter.  Still working on the quilting skills and learning all the time, I find myself thinking and dreaming of quilt blocks.  I still however love to craft, make things for my home, sell things occasionally and paper craft.  The following are pictures of my new studio.  My photographer daughter gets the credit for that fantastic photography.  Thankyou Whirly Pear photography.  I have been in here working for exactly one year.  I am sure that some of you might recognize some items from before.  I just couldn't part with some collections, wares, and supplies.  I teach students to sew in this room. And I absolutely love seeing the stacks of fabric.  Some say that is just not enough Fabric, and I agree.
I just turn my office chair around from my machine to cut on the table  It's very convenient.

My antique baby shoe collection

 love these special compacts from the 1920's and that is a quilted glove box.

I purchased this little steam iron and have it right next to my sewing machine for when I am patchworking.   

I added this to the top of my dress form.  She finally got put on a pedestal.  I had one made for her.

A scrapbook page of my beautiful mother taken in about 1960  She did some modeling work in NY
I love all things vintage, especially lady stuff.
A Quilt I am working on for a quest bed.  It is truly a scrappy quilt as all of the blocks are different.

I hope you have enjoyed this little tour of my new craft and sewing studio.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

A Quilt for our new grandson coming soon.

Something I should of posted a long time ago.  It was one of my favorite projects ever, and one of the hardest.  I have to give credit to Sweet pickins of Draper, Utah for the idea.  Using an old dresser mirror, and some old pallets, I decoupaged the floral napkins onto each board.  Painted it with my own chalk paint that I made.  Taking apart the pallets was very hard, and getting them into the frame, I used 3 different power saws.  I wanted to display some ancestors photos in my new entryway.  I have also taken down the photos, and put up seasonal banners and other photos.
This antique buffet, is painted with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.

I bought a Charm pack from Moda called Boat house and added a few more Moda fabrics to complete this quilt for our new grandson that will be coming this month.  We are so excited to add another boy to carry on our last name.  I quilted this quilt with a walking foot on my machine.  I love getting these quilting projects done.

Here is the vintage look quilt that I made for our last granddaughter born right before Christmas.

I found this vintage 60s fabric and used others for this baby girls quilt.

another baby boy's quilt was done in November for baby Walker.  It matched his room perfectly.  

my patriotic crafting spree

About a week before the 4th I got into making some table runners for independence day to sell, and one for my own table.   I practiced my free motion quilting skills on this runner.  I am not very good at it yet, so it will take much more practice to get this down well.
 And I added the blue green on some to match my kitchen.  It will stay on my dining room table until the end of July.  I just love those colors.

 A fun pillow I saw on Pinterest  I just had to make one!

 I love Paper crafting, and made this one a few years ago.
  Then I came across some ribbon spools so that gave me an idea for a paper craft with USA on it.  I love the Red White and Blue.  And found all this stuff in my stashes in my studio.
 Free printable from Pinterest is framed for a great July look.
 Table centerpiece I sold
 Table runners that  I made two to sell.
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