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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Where Bloggers Create 2013 blog party is here

This is my 4th "Where Bloggers create party" and I really look forward to it every year. There has
not been much that has changed in here from last years photos, but some really fun things have been added to my space. This studio is my own little room, not very big, but I make use of all the space even the closet.  I wish I had wood floors in here sometimes, but when my grandchildren are here, it is nice to have carpet for them. *These are all updated pictures taken this week.  Enjoy the tour!  There are lots of photos. . . . . . . .

My antique and vintage baby shoe collection sits on this shelf that I had made about 20 years ago.  I painted it and image transferred it last year!  My studio is a great place to display things I craft with and collections and things I love as well!

 Oh, how I love my new dressform.  Well it is a vintage one that I found at an obscure moving sale.  and I decorated the black satin dress form with a antique dickie that was sent to me by Mercedes Scott of All things pretty in a hatbox swap last year, and then I added the crown on top with black rope braid and a pretty rhinestone brooch and a vintage lace collar.  It is a great place to display some of the jewelry pieces that will be for sale that I made, Oh then added some vintage lace at the bottom.  Someday I might put this on a stand, but for now I love it right where it is!

I had this crown tealight holder, so I took part of the bottom off and it fit perfectly on top of my dress form.  I made a padded insert with fabric and batting and added the bling brooch to it.  It is eye candy for me for sure!
 In my vintage slant top desk is most of my jewelry making stash

this box holds my sweet vintage handkerchiefs

buttons I just can't take off the cards, and old books used for crafting and decoupage are here.

A collection of shackers and old bottles, works well for glass glitter, micro beads and mica flakes.

in one of the small apothecary jars, is my glass button collection.  These are my favorites of the antique and vintage buttons I have here.

My collection of antique infant clothing and women's gloves lay in 
the sliegh shaped basket on the floor.

Some of the scrapbooks I have done.  

A new chair and french stool is another place to sit in here.  My husband will even come in a sit down with me to visit occasionally, so it is nice to have an extra chair.  
I will leave you you with this lovely photo.  Quite a few of the pretty ornaments in this room comes from blogging friends.  Thanks to all those who have sent me such wonderful things with swapping
NOTE:  I must give credit where credit is due.  All of the above photos that really look amazing are the work of my talented professional photographer daughter Tara of Pure Bliss Photography  The ones that don't look the same quality and the ones from below are the work of me with my little canon sure shot!

BUT WAIT, where does she sew?  SORRY BUT THERE IS MORE!

When I moved into this house I knew this had to by my sewing room, because it was set up for a sewing maching and a serger.  I used to use my serger alot, but have put it away, because it wasn't getting used, just
taking up counter space.  Here is a quick look at where I sew.  It is not gorgeously decorated, and it doesn't not have many interesting things in it, but what is does have is built in storage!  Woo hoo, the people before put in lots of perfect storage for sewing, laundry and tools.  P.S.  this room is very close to my craft studio!

 I stenciled these cabinets years ago, and still like that little touch!
 some of my fabric stash.
all other sewing supplies
 I put this together quite a few years ago, maybe it needs a little bit of an update now.  It holds one of my favorite friendship quotes, that came in the form of a pillow from a very good friend who gave it to me in cross-stitch years ago. . . . . . . "CONSTANT USE HAS NOT WORN RAGGED THE FABRIC OF THEIR FRIENDSHIP"

I am lucky to have amy ironing board come out of the wall.  I love this about this house!

old thimbles shoe hook, straight pins and embroidery hoop and box full of mending floss.  This is my vintage in here!

Announcement:  if you weeded through all those pictures and are reading this, then you will know that there will be a giveaway in two weeks from Something Special.  (to be shown later)  if you comment here and tell me whether or not you are a follower or are just becoming one, you are entered in my drawing.  Thanks for your comments, and for being a follower here.
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