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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Done it this time!

       Well I have really done it this time!  I used to be an avid blogger.  Seems like more and more of my blogging friends aren't doing much with their blogs anymore, including me.  I am thinking that social media is the culprit.  Maybe even pinterest!  But let me tell you why I have done it this time.  My college age son had a laptop that wasn't that old that quit on him, so I being the nice mom gave him my laptop to use.  I had bought some tablets around Christmas time for my husband and myself, so I felt it would be alright if I gave him the laptop, plus we have our regular computer.        
         So anyway after giving him my trusty little laptop, with all my pictures on it, he took it off my hands, and then I got the bright idea that I needed to upgrade my smart phone.  I had an iphone 4S and liked it but the screen seemed so small compared to all the newer ipones and samsung galaxys etc, that i was jealous.     Well I sold the tablets, sold my digital camera, and my iphone all so that I could get a new phone for nothing.  Now I am left with a slow computer, and a smart phone that has a good camera, but I don't know how to get the pictures I take onto my old computer, and I can't access this blog on it due to some weird things that happened when I changed some passwords.   I have had a month long ordeal, with getting to know how to use a galaxy verses the iphone.  Well hopefully I will be able to rectify these little problems of mine.  Hopefully you will see more pictures in the future and also more blog posts.  I still love blogging, but just have gotten away from it, but would like to start blogging again.  Plus, sometimes I am just plain old technologically handicapped.
All because I wanted this:

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