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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

New paper creations from the Fairview retreat!

All of the projects in this post were created by me.  But this card was not done at the retreat, I actually made this card above for my Mother-in-law for Mother's day!
 Here are a couple of scrapbook pages I created while at my retreat!
"Liam's blessing" and "Sisters and their babies!"

I stitched and made two of these cards in Fairview, while watching the movie "Young Victoria"  my favorite movie  right now!
This card was part of our card exchange!

this was another one for the card exchange!

This one was just a random one I made to put in my card stash.  To view many more card and scrapbook page creations from the retreat please visit here:   askmichelespecialpaperprojects.blogspot.com

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

This is where I have been this past weekend!

 I was at the semi-annual scrapbooking/craft extended Retreat.  We left on May 19th and stayed until Monday morning (May 23) and had a wonderful time crafting, quilting, card making, scrapbooking and eating in Fairview, Utah.  Just thought I would share some of the beautiful surroundings that were there.  It did rain a couple of those days, but that is more condusive to working on projects.  There were 7 of us women, and we have been doing this since 1997.  I will post some of the projects in my next post.  We were down on the farm and got to watch the cattle being moved by authentic cowboys!  Yee Haw!
Looking to the east!
below is looking to the west!  It is a beautiful little green valley!

Friday, May 20, 2011

It is Pinkalicious for Evelyn

It is a birthday present for my granddaughter Evelyn.  She loves all the "Pinkalicious" books, by Victoria and Elizabeth Kann, and they are her favorite. She also has a new bedroom that is painted pink and she loves to say pinkalicious.  She will be three years old tomorrow, so this is her pinkalicious dress!  I loved creating it for her.  The floral bouquet on the front can be removed for washing.

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My latest published set!

 I loved designing this set with no titles or quotes!  I was really thinking "French" all the way with this one.
 I love to use vintage elements.  The braid ribbon and the ledger paper, are both vintage.
Each element is carefully and meticulously designed and put together.
These sets usually take me a few days to get done!  This one is called "French connection"
And then this is what it gets turned into at Storytellers Club and they design paper to match.  French connection was in the April 2011 monthly ultimate pack that gets sent out all over!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

My Pink Saturday

While thrifting on Saturday
I found these adorable pink and
white dishes. They sure called
out to me. I think they are milk
glass, but when I saw them I
pictured in my mind, tea parties
with the granddaughters, and
perhaps a sweet little French Bistro
on a side street in Paris. If anyone
knows anything about these kind of
dishes, please let me know as there
is not anything on the bottom of the
cups, saucers, or plates. I paid less than
two dollars for all of this! Woo hoo!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Paper Medallions

Here are some of my paper medallions that I have had on Etsy. I am trying to decide if I am going to keep these there or use them elsewhere. I really need to make some more though. I have use the above large one on a package before. There are just so many possiblilities with this paper craft!

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Monday, May 9, 2011

My Mother's Day cake

My Sweet daughter Kylee, is just getting into cake decorating. She made this for me for Mother's day.
I could not love it more. She makes the fondant from scratch, and this cake was as yummy to eat as it
was pretty on the outside. I think she did a super job as this was her first attempt at cake decorating.
Kylee you have quite a future in cakes ahead of you! I love it!

And this is the cake that Kylee made for my son and his wife who graduated on Saturday from SUU
Kylee you are amazing!

I love being a Mom!

This picture was taken in 2008 and pictured here is myself (in the middle) with my 4 daughters, one of my daughter-in-laws and granddaughter Breya peeking through my shoulder.  My son's were not around, this was a baby shower.  I couldn't love my sons and daughters more, as I have 4 of each.   I am probably busier now than I was when they were all at home.  Now it is helping them out with so many different things, being present when one of these daughters has a baby, babysitting grandkids, sewing for them, mending for them, helping out in many different ways, and I love every minute of it.  Being a mom is what I always wanted to do when I grew up more than anything else.  I am so thankful I had the priviledge of being everyone of these 8 people's Mother.  Yep, all I did back when they were all at home and what I do for them now as they are almost all married is the most important thing in my life for sure.
My husband says I spend so much time on my phone talking to them all, but he knows that I need to talk to them as they need me for different reasons.  Yep being Mom is the greatest blessing any woman can get!
I LOVE IT!   One more thing.   To all my kids, thanks for being such wonderful human beings, and for giving me such a great Mother's Day!

Friday, May 6, 2011

I am lovin pin cushions

 I have been making pincushions, and I am really having fun finding things to put pincushions into, and then decorating them.  This one will be for a gift exchange for a retreat I have coming up!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Spring Art Project

I have this sterling silver ornate easel in my living room, that I like to make different paper decorations to hang or sit on, depending on the holiday or season.  Here is my "spring art project"  Better late than never, right?

I mounted it on a little board that has holes drilled through for the ribbon.
This tiny paper swan with the feathers attached was sent to me by Marsha over at sassy mini dolls in our latest matchbox swap.

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All this talk about the Royal Wedding!

My daughter posted some of her wedding pictures on her blog and called it her 'Royal Wedding.' She has set up a linky tool, so that others can share their wedding pictures too. September 22, 1978 was our wedding date. That was almost 33 years ago, and we have been happily married since. Isn't my husband so cute? So here are some of our "Royal Wedding" photos.

Yes, those, were the days of hats and quiana gowns. That hat was designed and made by my mother. My husband called it my victory hat, as he thought it looked a little bit like the 3 musketeers. I wish I still had my hat, with all that beautiful vintage lace on it. I was wearing my mothers pearl earrings too. And all my flowers were silks.

I wish I could go back to that day just once more. There is nothing like your wedding day when you are truly truly in love!
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