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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Very Vintage Summer Swap-What I sent and received

This is what I sent out for the Very
                                                   Vintage Summer Swap.  I had fun putting this together. 
I put it all in a peanut shaped basket and added
some lovely old doilies.  I love to tag everything. 
There was some antique earbobs as well and the
canning cookbook from the 50's.  Swapping is one
of my favorite things to do lately, and I love the people I am connected with through it all.And below is what I recieved from Karen
These are the things I recieved in the vintage swap hosted by Heidi Devlin over at foxgloves fabric and folly and sent to me by my partner, Karen from Minnesota. She sent me all the things I love to collect. First two of these candle stick in pink mercury glass. I imagine this pink mercury glass is rare, as I have never seen any before.
This toileware plate, and beautiful teacup and saucer.
The Teacup is on 3 pedestals and I have a small collection of these type of teacups.
The doily underneath is something she sent also.

Here is most of what I recieved from Karen.
Thanks so much to her for the vintage patterns,
picture frame, The tin was full of vintage sewing
notions-spools of thread ribbon, etc., and vintage
handkerchief. Also a sweet little package of
decorative tissues.
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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Bloggerette sorority assignment finally posted

Well here is my piece from the Sorority assignment.
I had to borrow a Camera to get this posted.
Don't know if anyone will see it because this is a four days late of the Rush!

I forgot to take a picture of myself holding it.
Oops, had to return the camera, I am still waiting for new one to come!
I brought out all the most special trims I had pieces of,
and even added feathers, paper roses, ribbon roses,
wired ribbon, braids, and tassels, then finished it with
mica flakes, and glass glitter. Working with mica always
makes me itch and I have to shower after I use the stuff.
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Sunday, June 27, 2010

ANNOUNCING! Holiday Magic Christmas in July Swap.

I made this shadow  box in 2008 and it appeared on the pages of a magazine called Elan woman.
I used items that came from my childhood and wooden ornaments I painted as a teenager.  The picture is of me and my siblings.  I was 6 years old. and it was 1963.  (You do the math on my age! Ha)
Yes!  It is Christmas in July, and I am looking for anyone out there who is interested in playing along.  I will be partnering up pairs for this swap, and packages will be mailed  out on July 25th.  (5 MONTHS BEFORE THE REAL CHRISTMAS) That will give us plenty of time to get together some great packages to send to our partners, but also will still be in the month of July.

Here are the rules:

1.  Comment on this post telling me you would like to be included.
2.  Email me with your information:  with "Holiday Magic" in the title     Name, Address, email address, and blog link.   Tell me in what type of Christmas Decor you are most interested in.  (Example:  Victorian, Country, Primitive, Vintage 40's 50's, 60's etc. or maybe you are more contemporary or just traditional)

What to send:

1.  Send 1 handmade ornament
2.  Send 1 Vintage ornament.  (one that is at least 20 years old)
3.  Send 1 new ornament or more current one.  (one that is not vintage)
4.  Send some kind of Christmas decoration-(your choice)
5.  Send some kind of little kit to make something Christmasy.

Try to post what you send and what you get sent if you can.  That way we will all be able to delight in your packages. 

So here it is.  Check out your own stashes, or maybe even you are tired of one of your decorations or ornaments.  Visit the thrift stores or yard sales.  It sure is amazing what you can find.  Remember to share this with your blog friends.  Email me at: ask@comnett.net
    I will need a comment on this post and an email.  Please don't commit if you can't follow through.  If there is a problem toward the end of the month, that you won't be able to send out your package, just let me know.  There might even be a door prize or during the next month that could have something to do with Christmas.   Take care and Merry Christmas in July!

P.S. Oh, and I forgot to mention that I will close this up on JULY 7, 2010 and will give everyone their partners on that day, so that every one will be able to visit blogs, email and kind of get to know one another before mailing time.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Had to thank Jen!

Last week I just wanted to really thank Jen from Jnichelle Holiday again for the wonderful items she sent to me for the 'something old something new, something borrowed, something blue swap,' so I had this old spoon that I decided to decorate for her. I used some of the antique victorian scrap she sent to me for the swap. She is truly a soulmate and kindred spirit. I glittered it up, because this was an old military issued large spoon. It really wasn't one of those pretty spoons, just plain old ugly. If you look closely you can see the pieces of scrap on the handle and the spoon part. I added other embellishments and of course the glass glitter, of which I have become a huge fan of. I put it in the mail and she replied back with much enthusiam and gratefulness. What a great thing we have come upon in the world of vintage blog swapping. She is such a wonderful person, and so generous. Love Ya Lots Jen!
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Friday, June 18, 2010

WHERE BLOGGERS CREATE. . . My Creative Space (Consists of 3 posts)

Up above the Memory Room board in my Creative world is a quote which states.   "A person is only as Big as the dream they dare to Live"    Imagine Design and Create.  My favorite space!

This is what it looks like as you enter the room.
My Creative Space used to be primarily a scrapbooking room, named 'The memory Room. But now is really a creative-designing room as well. I create the designs I do for "Story Tellers Club" and this is where I decide what will be made and put into the swapping that I have come to love from blogging. I have pictures of all of my family in here, and all the things that I love and vintage things that inspire me as well. But this is also where when I have the time, that I do scrapbook all those wonderful photos that my big family gives to me. I have a TV in here that is not hooked up to satellite, but has a built in DVD player so I can watch my favorite movies and 'Little house on the Prairie episodes. I need calm in here, so I want to control what is watched. Much Jane Austen movies and masterpiece theatre goes on in here, while I work. My sewing room is separate from this room, and there is not a computer in here either.
I have thought of redoing the walls, but I love color and the wallpaper border is outdated, but nonetheless perfect for scrapbooking inspiration. I think I will leave it, because all of the colors are the colors I love and have all over this little room. I have a beautiful window I can look out as I work.  The quilt on the wall was made by my daughter, of our family for our 25th wedding anniversary.  I have been married for 32 years now.   I have these units in here that were made for scrapbooking, but also have the oak chair painted pink, an antique folding table and an old shabby nightstand.  The closet doors came off to make the room bigger and use the space of the closet for more storage.
I am not a black and white kind of gal. I love color!  The framed piece on this wall is a poem that a talented friend and writer wrote and gave to me about my creative and helpful hands.  It is very special to me and reminds me that my hands are not only for creating, but for SERVICE to Others!
The carpet is outdated, but it is so soft and padded that I keep it here so that my grandchildren can come in here, lay on the floor and watch a movie while I work. I recently made the cushion for this stool after painting it.  I had fun trying to figure that one out.

Please scroll down for two more posts, to see
all the pictures of  My Creative Space.


A while ago I added this very shabby nightstand to house all my scrap paper.
A chrystal drop from a chandelier hangs from the center of the valance.
My antique folding green table serves as a spot for my shabby jewelry creations for my Etsy Shop
I had this shelf made many years ago, for all the stamps.  I have only kept the ones I really still use. 
So the shelf houses some of my treasures as well.

My creative space is a conglamoration of so many things that I just love to have around me. I am so happy when I am in this Creative Space.  *  Now one more post with more pictures!  keep scrolling down!!!
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Isn't it interesting the items we crafters will use to put our supplies in.
An old jewelry holder turned into an embellishment holder for odds and ends works well.
On one wall it says as many studios do...... imagine.....design.......create!
I love Artwork of all kinds, but I am really partial to the impressionism period. The Renior above is one of my favorites.                                                     
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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Welcome baby Maddox blue giveaway

Introducing the WELCOME BABY MADDOX BLUE GIVEAWAY, in honor of my newest grandchild, who was born 1 week ago today.
First this shabby necklace from my Etsy shop

Second this beautiful teapot will be in the giveaway.
Then this hand painted plate marked 1963 on the back
Bits and pieces of lace, ribbons and trims in an antique jar with a new lid.
This pair of mini vases.  Make sure you scroll down to the next post as there is MORE!
All you have to do is become a follower if you are not already one on this blog.  And comment on either one of these posts.  If you want a second chance then tell me that you posted something about this giveaway on your blog.  This giveaway will end on July 3 and I will draw a winner on that day, as the baby will be one month old then.  I will notify the winner on July 5th.  Hope you will all try to get it.  I think that it is a really fun giveaway.
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Welcome baby Maddox blue giveaway cont.

Also this cute tin basket with a french theme.
For the scrapbookers out there. I always threw some scrapbooking supplies in the mix. 6  12 x 12 papers, a medallion, foam letters, tags, brads and other embellishments.
Some paper doilies and new blue brads
This lovely blue taffeta and organdy rose
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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Something old * something new * something borrowed * something blue swap arrived!

Czeck glass vintage buttons,
these little things are so beautiful, I love each and every one of them.

Jen from Jnichelle Holiday.jnichelle.blogspot.com sent me the most amazing packages.  The backgrounds for these photos are actually the vintage wallpaper that she sent to me.  I am crazy about it.  I am absolutely overwhelmed with this one gals. I actually got one of her darling vintage shaker box cakes, that she sells on Etsy, I could not be luckier.  She sent me all the things that I am really into right now. Vintage wallpaper, (rolls of it)  Some of the backgrounds in my photos are the vintage wall paper like that one above.  Store stock diecuts from Germany, antique Czech glass buttons (so amazing)   I think I am one lucky gal with the swaps I have participated in lately. These women are so generous and heartwarming. It is a pleasure to get to know others who have the same interests as me. Thanks again Jennifer Astinego You Rock!
Tucked inside each layer were wonderful vintage items:  first layer was lace ribbon.  I have not seen this kind of ribbon in years.  2nd layer was the glass buttons.  3rd layer was vintage Christmas craft supplies and goodies that delighted me to no end. 
Germany is where these antique store stock  diecuts come from.  Love them lots.
The background in particular is what I want to pay attention to in this photo.  Isn't it beautiful?  More of the vintage wallpaper that she sent me.
Make sure you scroll down to the next post as there are more amazing photos of the things she sent!Posted by Picasa

swap items continued

Here are more photos of the items I recieved from Jen in the Swap As I opened every package, I was just so amazed.

Vintage Valentines have never been written on.  How could I be so very lucky? 
This is all old ephemera and I love this kind of stuff so much!
This album is really something.  It has the date 1889 inside. 
and it is filled with victorian ephemera that someone so lovingly
collected and put inside.  The pages are so fragile
and worn.  Above is one of the pages in the album.  There are many more just like it.   It is just the most amazing thing to look at, and Jen sent it to me.  I can't stand it, I just love it so much!  Thankyou Thankyou Jen!
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