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Thursday, July 7, 2016

my patriotic crafting spree

About a week before the 4th I got into making some table runners for independence day to sell, and one for my own table.   I practiced my free motion quilting skills on this runner.  I am not very good at it yet, so it will take much more practice to get this down well.
 And I added the blue green on some to match my kitchen.  It will stay on my dining room table until the end of July.  I just love those colors.

 A fun pillow I saw on Pinterest  I just had to make one!

 I love Paper crafting, and made this one a few years ago.
  Then I came across some ribbon spools so that gave me an idea for a paper craft with USA on it.  I love the Red White and Blue.  And found all this stuff in my stashes in my studio.
 Free printable from Pinterest is framed for a great July look.
 Table centerpiece I sold
 Table runners that  I made two to sell.
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