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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Crepe' paper roses

These beauties are made from streamer type crepe' paper. I recently made about 100 of these little paper roses. I made them for a friend's daughter's wedding. They took them and glued them to large styrofoam balls and then hung them from painted twig branches.
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Monday, August 23, 2010

Three items of business!

To all of you out there, who might have tried to comment here and could not, I have fixed the problem.  And to all of you who have decided to participate in my Fall Intrigues Basket Swap, the deadline for notifying me will be SEPT. 8th and the shipping date to your partner will be Oct. 7th.  This should give us all plenty of time to think about and collect items for our baskets.  Little bit of a tip:  Keep in light weight! 

Some ideas for your baskets:

1.  candy corn or chocolate is always good!
2.  scrapbook embellishments (this could cover a lot)
3.  halloween paper or
4.  Salt and pepper shakers
5.  Recipes
6.  potpouri or scentsy wax
7.  small scented candles
8.  doilies or other small vintage pieces.
9.  buttons
10. patterns or iron ons
Just some ideas for you.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Did it just for me!

      I wanted to figure out a way I could not only have all the
vintage trimmings and doily's I have found at thrift stores,
antique malls, shops and yard sales this summer,
but display them as well so I can enjoy looking at them.  

I thought I would go and get some of the drawers 
to a antique sewing machine I have in my garage.  
My wonderful sister brought it to me this summer from Arizona.
But I am just not sure what I will do with it yet.  In the mean time
I will use the drawers in my creative space.  I am just so tickled with
the look of all this vintage!
This little heart ceramic pendant  with my name on it, 
was made and given to me 
by my Aunt when I turned seven years old.  It is so dear to me. 
I can't believe I still have it.  It is one of the few things I have
from my childhood.  
                                 Most all of the trims are vintage. I made chipboard cards covered
                               with scrapbook paper, then distressed them, and wrapped them
                                    with the trims and used some of the vintage or vintage look pins
                                   I have found or been given to inhance the look. To me it is worth
                                           the work, to have the eye-candy to look at everyday!

These are all vintage pieces, accept one, which is stamped
cotton and bought on Etsy. The large pin is from Karla
at karlascottage.typepad.com

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Announcement! Fall Intrigues Basket Swap!

Hi there to all my blog friends. I know it is just the middle of August, and I know you are all busy with other swaps, giveaways and just keeping up with your blog, but I would love to host another little swap for the fall. Why am I doing it? Well, it is just that I am tired of the heat, and yes, I am rushing the fall season, because it is truly my favorite of all the seasons. I live where it is very hot hot, and by golly I am already dreaming of Halloween and Thanksgiving cause I know it is wonderful cool weather then.

Therefore, I am introducing a brand new swap. We will call it the Fall Intrigues Basket Swap. And the only rules are that it needs to be sent in a basket. Let's keep it simple and just put anything into the basket that you wish that has to do with fall. And let's put it all into the basket! So be creative. This is not a vintage persay swap, but you could certainly put in vintage any thing, scrapbook supplies, trinkets, treasures, candy, recipes, or whatever you wish, as long as it has to do with Fall.

When I think of Autumn, I think of bushel baskets of peaches or apples. I think of the changes in the leaves, my granchildren treak-or-treating and I will get plenty of photos of that to scrapbook,gathering of family and being thankful for all of that, and certainly new recipes to try and looking forward to Christmas time. So be creative! Just comment on this post, Email me at this address: ask@comnett.net and put the words fall basket swap in the subject line, and include your NAME MAILING ADDRESS EMAIL ADDRESS BLOG LINK (most important) If you don't have a blog that is Okay, but it is always helpful getting to know your partner through their blog. Make sure you let me know first through this post. Then I will be checking my emial for you. You will have until September 8th to let me know. I will give the ship date to you all later.

One more thing, could I ask a small favor?  Could you save as. . the collage picture above and post it on your blog somewhere, to advertise this swap.   Thanks a bunch!!!!!
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Monday, August 9, 2010

Alice Stuff for a Friend!

I was asked by a blogging friend, Susan from Art of Mine to send her some Alice Ephemera, a couple of months ago. I have been so busy with babies and grandkids, that I kept promising and never got to it. I finally got it done, and this is what I came up with to send to this special friend. I added some fun little embellishments for Alice tags of her own.  And might I add, that Susan is one of those very special sweet sweet people that I am having the priveledge to get to know.  And she is also having a wonderful giveaway over at her blog, and I would encourage all you blogging friends to check it out. Her blog is sjmcdowell.blogspot.com  (Art of Mine) Below is the tag I decided to include which I made for her. I am not even tired of Alice Yet! And I love these pictures from a very old "Alice in Wonderland" book that belonged to my mother when she was little.  It is a very unique Alice book!
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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Blackberry Vines pretty packages party

Here is my creatively wrapped gift for the blog party going on from blackberryvine.blogspot.com
I wanted a very 18th century look, sort of like Marie Antuionette fair. I used a glittered decorated paper
medallion from my Etsy shop for this and added some chrystal chandelier drops and doilies underneath.
I first wrapped it in some flocked paper and used big satin sashes for the bow.
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Monday, August 2, 2010

It's a Wrap. . . Christmas in July Swap is done!

I patchworked Moda/basic grey squares onto a
purchased kitchen towel from India, and used some
vintage trim before adding the felt applique work and
beads.  Then made a cute vintage tag for this.
I just wrapped up the Christmas in july Holiday magic swap that was hosted by Something Special.  I had an amazing partner.  And this is what I  sent to her:  I made a couple of ornaments. For this one I used a foil blue leaf, a glass glittered snowflake, cut from my cricut machine, some silver pipe cleaner, and a medallion from K & Company.  Then glittered up a mini tart mold.  
I made another ornament from a vintage snowman ornament and used vintage silver and gold glass glitter. I made a vintage tag and attached 3 glass santa buttons, made another tag and put some vintage and non-vintage trims on it with old buttons, found a plastic bell ornament from the 40's-50's and then found a blown glass indented ornament.
Then I found a couple of silver frame ornaments. Not vintage, but very cute.
This was the breakable item I was so worried about and I guess it made it okay. This is a teapot from Avon about 10 years old.  Scroll down to see what she sent to me.  I had so much fun with this one.  
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