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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Vintage antique glass glitter

I made this vintage look wall hanging for a special friend
for Christmas. Using vintage antique glass glitter. This glitter is
not kid friendly and you have to be very careful not to rub your eyes
when you are using it.
I will have to make one of these little numbers for myself next year I think.
These stockings were posted on my other blog, but I like to post my favorite things I create here
in my Something special blog. Each year I have to add new stockings to my collection as our family continues to grow every year. Next Year I am thinking of making stockings and selling them. What do you think? I would love your comments about the matter.
I am passionate about glitter. I just want to glitter up everything! for Christmas decorations anyway.
These letters which spell out 'Joy' were cut professionally by my wood man. Then I decoupaged the
patterned paper on it and I keep these on this shelf all year around. I used none Christmas paper for
this. For the different seasons, I just change what is around the word!
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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Scrapbooking skills for the decor

I love the fact that because
I have so much scrapbooking
supplies and skills from being
involved with this craft for so
many years, that whenever I
get the
hankering to create
something for a wall in my home,
I just go to my scrapbook room
and design away!

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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Falling into Fall is published!

Here is the recently published fall set for storytellers. It was my favorite one I designed to date. It is included in their October pack and I am way excited about it. Hey check out
www.storytellersclub.com and see all the great monthly packs if you are a regular scrapbooker or click on the digital side if you are into digital scrapbooking. Either or both are great.

Included is a picture of what I designed before I send it off to them, and then the finished product in the form of cardstock punchouts for pages. It is great fun for me to be involved in this designing job. I have just turned in one for December that I have been informed will be
included in the December pack as well. Yeah!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

This Layout done for a contest assignment, but the contest was canceled after It was completed.
This page below, is unique indeed. My Granddaughter Afton standing at the Labyrinth at Kayenta, Utah. I would love to really know what she was thinking when she saw the labyrinth.
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New pages and layouts

' Halloween and the Grandkids' 2008
'Carys and the Talent Sprouts'
'Constant pics of Evelyn'
'It's a big big big world out there'
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Saturday, March 28, 2009

more scrapbooking posts

Our summer Trip to San Diego in July of 2007
These pictures were taken with my older Canon
film camera. I was kicking against the whole
digital movement, but now I love not having to load film
and worry about how many pictures I can take.
Love Love Love my new little digital canon.

"Sweet and Sour" Caleb eating his sour baby food. What a cute kid!

Some of the last great pictures to be taken with the
film Canon. These were all pictures I took in San Diego.

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New scrapbook pages

Evelyn sitting in the fall leaves, I love these pictures.
This page was completed during the last
visit to Fairview with my scrapbooking pals.
"Peek A Boo Punkins" It looks like I have done
a lot of pages of Evelyn, but these are the only
ones I have done of her since she was born, accept one.
She is quite the subject matter
The New Leavitt Family.
What an adorable little family.
This page was also completed in Fairview in November.
This layout was done after my good friend Linda and I
went for a most fantastic hike in the mountains of Utah.
My camera was not the greatest at that time, so the pictures
were not that great. We saw so many wildflowers that day,
we could not believe our eyes, and it was a hard thing
to come down off the mountain. Our families were about to
send out the posie to look for us!
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