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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Bring it On!!!!

I love this vintage halloween
postcard. I guess I am rushing
halloween, as my daughter should
be over her really bad pregnancy
sickness by then. Poor thing, I just
can't wait for her to feel better.
Halloween is what we are all 
shooting for!

I made this mouse from a pattern 
I designed in the 80's for my craft 
business. She was sent to Kerry 
for our Year of Enchantment swap 
with a mouse theme. My mind went 
to Christmas automatically when I 
thought of cute little mice.

I must be rushing Christmas too. 
will have a Askeroth Grandson 
just after Christmas, so I am
anxious for that to come too.

Here is more of my fall decor at my fire
place. I am hurrying that along too, may-
be because it really is fall and it is still HOT
in the day time here. Come on Fall weather!
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Year of Enchantment Sept. box came

The mail has been good to me this week, and
I don't even have my fall Intrigues package yet.
The theme for this month's Year of Enchantment
swap was mice. I think they are really cute when they
are not the live kind. And my partner, Kerry, at
talesofaneedleandthread.blogspot.com (who is
also a participant in our fall basket swap) made up the
cutest little non-live mice ever! I am feeling very spoiled
and loved. Not only did she make up these adorable spool
mice, (with wonderful trims wrapped around, but also a
pincushion, and two mice ornaments, she also sent
me two, yes I said two of these wonderful fall scarecrow
tassels handmade by herself. I love them all and was so
thrilled to get the package. Thankyou Kerry!
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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

REMINDER for fall basket swap!

Hi there Fall Intrigues Basket Swap PARTICIPANTS.  Just a reminder, to get your baskets sent by October 7th.  This gives you a couple of weeks.  It is coming up quickly.  I just returned from up north, where there was a definite nip in the air.  Here, we are excited because the high is only suppose to be 90 today.  Whoo hoo!  I can't wait for the cooler weather!!!!!!!!! Oh, and check out the wonderful eye-candy from my last two posts.

I am so lucky!

I just returned from a
wonderful 4 day retreat
to one of my favorite
places. Fairview, Utah
where I get to meet together
with some great friends.  We
craft, scrapbook, quilt, sew,
or whatever we wish to do,
all the while sampling wonder-
ful food, and watching great movies
and just being in the company of
great women.  This lovely eye candy
pin cushion was made especially for me
by my good friend Jill Iroz. It was
a pay-it-forward from her blog. But
we have been friends for about 13 years
now. She surprized me with this
little gem. I had taken a pay-it-forward
to her also, because of something I did
on facebook, and made her a quilted
vintage pillow.  I scrapbooked the whole
time I was there, but I just put it in my
workspace and admired it, and got so
giddy everytime I looked at
it. She definitely made a 'Michele' thing.
It is quite heavy, and the pincushion part is
filled with ground walnut shells, something
she says you get at a pet supply., and she said
she got the bottom stand and a thrift shop. I
think it must have been a candy dish. Isn't it
cool, when you see something that is one thing,
and are able to visualize something else useful
and beautiful. Thankyou so much Jill, I could
not love it more.

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My Dorothy Tags Ready to send!

Well here they are. I will be sending Karla of
http://www.karlascottage.typepad.com/  six tags today,all the same.
I got this idea in my head and I love the look of how it turned out,
however it is quite 3-D. I made sure I made one for myself,
so that when I get my tag book, I will add this one to it.
When I was making these, I just had to get out the movie
to get a quote from the movie to match the picture.
The tag says, "Keep tight inside of them. . . .
Their magic must be very powerful, or she wouldn't
want them so badly."

I cut out Vellum for Glenda's crown, then added glass glitter, then irredescent glitter. The little baskets, representing the basket that Dorothy always carried, are German Store stock. I sure had fun coming up with this tag. Hope it works Okay with the other tags.
Also on the tag is paper lace from Holland, and German foil diecut trim.

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Sunday, September 12, 2010

The sewing of two special baby dresses

This summer I had the privilege
of making the blessing dresses
for my two new granddaughters.
one was blessed on Sun. Sept. 5th
and the other one was blessed
on Sunday June 21st. I enjoyed
so much sewing these very special
baby dresses for my two sweet
grand baby girls. This one had 15 yds
of ribbon, and the other one had yards
of lace inset and ruffles.

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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Coming soon!

Coming soon. . . . For the participants in the Fall swap.  Your names will all be put in the pot for the first door prize for the Fall Intrigues Basket Swap.    I won't show a picture, because I want it to be a surprise!    But it will be something having to do with Fall!   Love ya all   Michele
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