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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Fairy Children Inspiration!

Well it is long overdue, as my involvement with the Clark Co. fair has caused me to put this so cute post off.  Last week or so, I recieved my 6 tags from the Fairy Children tag swap, hosted by JoAnne at Vintage dragonfly.
It was great fun to see where they came from.  All but one came from people I have swapped with before.  Here are the tags I recieved.  They are all so exquizitely made and envoke the feeling of spring so well! Just beautiful!
This beauty is so layered and just gets me really excited.  It was made by the talented hands of Mercedes Scott of mercedesscott.typepad.com
 This sweet one was made by Kimberly Laws at artjoystuff.blogspot.com ( have several of her things scattered around my craft studio)
 This pretty one was the work of the talented Jo West of mypaperplayhouse.blogspot.com
 This cool one came from Sandi McLean at scrapbookinwithg.blogspot.com  I love the textures she used!
This very lovely one comes from Jess Moore of scrapsavings.blogspot.com

And this is how I have them displayed in my craft studio, so I can see them all the time.  I bought this antique carpenter's ruler from Kimberly's Etsy shop last year and unfolded it to hang my favorite tags on.  A few of the tags here are from previously.

Now I will show you the tags that I made for the swap.  I had fun doing them up.  It is funny how it just evolves, and when you start putting them together, you are sure what you are going to do, but one thing leads to another.  I was so happy with the color palatte on these.

and if that wasn't enough fairy stuff, I just had to play around a bit more and came up with this fun little poster.  It will hang in the craft studio too.

I hope that everyone is having a most wonderful April and SPRING!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Selling my Wares at the Clark County Fair

It has been a couple of weeks since I posted, simply because I have been so busy getting ready for the Clark County Fair's Country Store.  I live here in Logandale, NV where the Clark County fairgrounds are.  Las Vegas is part of Clark County, so it is quite a large fair that lasts 4 days.  I helped set it up and worked there during the fair also.  Whew, I am glad it is over!    The following photos are of my wares and my section in the Country Store.
First off this is the black satin covered dress form I got for $5.00 at an estate salea few weeks ago.  It smelled reallly bad of cigarette smoke, so I got the most flowery bottle of Febreze and dowsed it about 6 times.  The odor came completely out and it smells so fresh.  I have other plans for this dress form, but for now it was beautiful covered with an antique dickie and a vintage collar.  It was perfect to hold all of my necklaces I have made that are for sale.

Next up at the same day I found this little gem of a cabinet.  Broken glass and very dirty, but there was a vision and it turned into this. . . . . . . . . .
Love I added molding to the drawer and painted it with a Robin's Egg Blue chalk paint that I made myself.
Here is another tray that was in an earlier post from the same day of yard sale finds.  I love chalkboard art, so thought it would be fun to do some on the chalkboard I had for sale.
a few of my pillows
one of the aprons I made with vintage buttons and doilies
this metal tray became this chalkboard
more stuff

Many things can become chalkboards
Another apron with vintage buttons.  All of my pillows and aprons, have vintage elements on them.
More of my vintage elements pillows were there.

My next project is to go to a new show in Henderson Nevada that specializes in vintage, antiques and collectables.

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