Friday, March 7, 2014

First real patchwork quilt

This is my very first true patchwork quilt. I Made this for a new granddaughter  Penelope June that is coming soon.  I machine quilted it then bound the edge with matching fabric.  I have done patchwork pillows. Sewn most of my life but never really gotten into quilting.  I say every new year when doing my resolutions, that this is the year when I will start quilting.  I finally did it and am thoroughly hooked!   This pictures are from my so that is why they are kind of blurry.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Jane Austen Anniversary Swap

I recently participated in the Jane Austen Anniversary swap that was hosted by Mercedes Scott over at an Altered place.  My assigned partner was Angi who lives in Hawaii.  I decided to make a little book that would celebrate Jane Austen's greatest work.   "Pride and Prejudice" which is of course my favorite and so many others worldwide.
 I love it when you just start crafting something, not knowing how it will really turn out, but when you are finished, you wish that you did not have to send it away.  This is what you are always asked to do, by the swapping hosts, to create something you would love to recieve.  It is what it is all about.

these images and book pages came from an old copy of the book, Pride and Prejudice, that was my Mother's.  I could not find any copyright date on this one, but would love to know more of a history of this version.  It was so cool that it came with some illustrations.

 that is my little book, and here is the other item I made in honor of Jane Austen.  A paper medallion with pheasant feathers, lace and ribbon.

And these are the two items that were sent to me by my partner Angi.  I felt it was cool that both of us went in the direction of Pride and Prejudice.  I willl hang this up in my craft room.  

 Information of her life on the back side.  Beautifully done mixed media art.  Thankyou Angi

And then this showed up in the mail, made especially for me by Debbie Vignola for my birthday which is coming up next week.  It was so very thoughtful of here.  She is a member also of An Altered place too.   Thanks so much Debbie.  It was so thoughtful and I adore it!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

More creative endeavors in the month of January.

We had a new granddaughter in November, and in our church, babies get bleased when they are young.  I was fortunate enough to get to make the little white dress that Mayley Kate Askeroth would be wearing.

 The headband I made for her.
 Here we are Grammy and Pa Pa with our youngest grandchild.  Mayley Kate will be 3 months old on February 12th.
then I also took some simple onesies on sale and decided to doll them up a bit.  I added cotton ruffles to the back of one and put a row in front at the 
and then for the striped one I put ruffles at the top and made a separate little skirt.  She won't be able to wear these until she is older and probably in the summertime.  
I sure had fun sewing for Mayley in January!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

It's almost February

This year I will place a new banner across my new "old" window displayed on my fireplace hearth, for each  of the holidays.  I put this up before Christmas and found these wonderfu llittle clips to hold the beaded swag in the corners.  I made it so that I can just tie on the different saying to the beaded rope.  Here is my new one for Valentine's Day.

 I printed this from the pinterest and put it isn a frame to add to my Valentine magic.  Finding an old piece of wood out on a desert outing, makes the perfect vintage sign.  I enjoyed creating this sign, that will go here during all the seasons.

I did not make thisk but it will remain up all year long.  It was given to me, 
and I sure love glitter of all kinds and anything that says the word Paris on it!
Happy February to everyone!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Help needed with blogger.

    Help!  I am needing help with blogger Adsense.  Does anyone out there know how to get the adsense to actually put ads onto your blog, and start making that work.  I have added it to my new blog and can't figure it out.  Oh and by the way I have started a new blog.  Hope to be getting it in full swing soon, so I can turn it into something fabulous.  Check it out by clicking on my new picture on my sidebar here.  It is called Michele's likes and favorites.  Come see what I have already posted.
     I also have noticed, even with myself that everyone seems to be drifting from their blogging.  I am wondering with smart phones, pinterest and facebook posting, has this changed?  I am going to work on my blogs more faithfully, and visit other blogs as well, become followers and try to get into it again. I always got so much enjoyment out of blogging.  I miss that, do you?  I miss the good friends I had made through blogging, swapping and giveaways.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Winter Whites Fabric Tags

Here is the fabric tag that I made for my partner Vandana in India 

and below is the tag that I recieved from my Talented partner, Kelly Deal. She sent me so many cute things too in a beautiful gold box.  It was fun to recieve it before Christmas.  

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Items from my Hidden Cottage Craft boutique

I thought I would share some items from my craft boutique.  I have spent lots of waking hours on things to sell here.  It is over, and I did have a great time doing it.  The weather was cold and cloudy outside.  It was not as successful as I had hoped for, but we did get to see some ladies that we have not seen for a while.  And the atmosphere was so very Christmasy

 So here is the first sampling of what I made for the boutique.  I am working on getting lots of this leftover stuff in my Etsy shop.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

My trio of Trees

 I came up with this trio of trees and they will be for sale at my upcoming Christmas Boutique.  The theme is I'm dreaming of a white Christmas.  I am busy busy crafting away.  I will share much more in the posts to come.  I am so happy that it will be the Christmas Season soon.
White felt pieces on top of styrofoam cones and attached to Glass pedestals, 
then glittered up to add a little sparkle.  

Saturday, November 2, 2013

For the love of November

Well, November is always a busy month for me.   I am getting ready for a craft boutique at my home. I am teaching some crafting mini classes. I am going on a friend retreat where I can. You guessed it,  CRAFT!  And of course it is Thanksgiving, when I will get to see loved ones.  I love the autumn. Our trees are just starting to get beautiful color as I live in the desert.  The mornings and evenings are brisk and the afternoons are perfect and this is what I did today. . .  I put up pomegranate jelly. I got about 20 jars done but it's just the beginning. I ran out if sugar and pectin.     
  I will be sharing some of my crafts that I have been doing soon.  So hope you will come back to see what I am up to.  Happy November!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Happy Halloween week

HAPPY HALLOWEEN TO ALL,  I thought I should share in the fun of the" Not for the faint of heart Matchbox swap" just recently completed and hosted by JoAnne of Vintage Dragonfly.  My partner and I both had fun creating the Halloween matchboxes and the other 4 items that were to be handcrafted.  My partner really spoiled me and sent me many fun things.  First off the following is what I created!

Here is what I put inside the box. . . . . . 
and I also made some other goodies for her. . . . . .
a swag in a vintagey sort of display
 A Halloween choker for my partners neck.
I also made a little snap purse and filled it with dove chocolate.  Then I decorated a small bottle and filled it with brown rich which was suppose to be Goblins Teeth.  

My Partner completely spoiled me and sent the items in two boxes.  Here are some of the cute things she sent to me.  
My partner was Jeannie of  jeankneen flickr.   o The matchbox goes well with the first machbox I recieved two years ago, when I started doing this swap for Halloween.  

Just look at this cute stuff.  So retro and kitschy and I love it all.  She even included some cupcake toppers, which I gave to my daughter for her Halloween party.  She also sent me my very favorite dark chocolate truffles.  
I think that this swap was. . . . . . . . . . .(spooktacular) DON'T YOU?
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