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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

It is time to post my July Swaps

First one was the Summer Vintage Hatbox swap.  This one was really special.  I was the host of this amazing swap.  I will show you the gorgeous hatbox I received from Mercedes of all things pretty.  She created this lovely hatbox for me. . . . . . . . . .I feel very spoiled for sure!
It is so like a lovely old hatbox that my grandmother would have had up in her closet way back.
The details are incredible.
So many wonderful millinery wonders.
I love the feathers.
Inside was this sweet vintage ballerina holding three lovely hankies.
 The inside is just as amazing.
 This little glass box was filled with wonderful vintage bling.

 Oh these great old pictures.  Love to have them on hand.
 I think I almost cried as I was going through this jam packed filled hatbox.
check out these darling lace gloves.

I asked everyone to make one handmade thing to put into the hatbox.  I love this old shoe form all decoupaged and embellished
I nearly fell off my chair with glee, when I saw this vintage dicky!
In this tiny box there was a head from a frozen charlotte doll.  
 I learned something with this, as I did not know you could buy the netted pieces
separate from the hats. I got so tickled when I saw this hat net in the original box.  I could not have been more excited and happy when I opened the box from Mercedes.  Thank you Thank you!

And here is the hatbox I sent to her with the contents . . . . . .
I posted this before, but without the contents.  

Here is what I did with the inside of the box, lining it with sewing patterns, and patterned paper.
Some vintage wallpaper pieces.  
I made this little parfait pincushion in an antique goblet.

a teacup and saucer, and a salt shaker with gold glitter vintage trims and vintage earrings.  
I added doilies, embroidered dish towel and some bling too.
A little framed piece. I think we had so much fun with this swap.  I hope everyone 
got their hatboxes in a timely manner and enjoyed it as much as I did.

And then there was the bonus swap from Vintage Dragonfly.  A mini card swap with a mermaid theme.
These are the mermaid slide size cards that I made to send in.
And below are the six that I recieved back.  there is lots of talent out there with these incredible little 
1 x 3 inch cards.  Aren't they beautiful?

Friday, July 27, 2012

Mad Tea Party 2012

hosted by  ' aFancifulTwist.com is this fun Mad Tea party blog party.
Please have fun viewing my Tea Party
 For our Mad tea Party, I had 3 of my Granddaughters for the weekend, so we decided to have  Mad Breakfast and dress-up day.  We got up early and they all helped set the table and get everything ready.

 We cut out special Napkin Rings
 We gathered all of my Alice In Wonderland Handmade tags.  Some have been made by other bloggers.
 We found some Moss to help in the feel of outside, but was easier to do inside right in the dining room.
 We used different dishes.
This is my antique copy of the book that was my Mother's.

I used many Alice in wonderland tags made by myself and other bloggers.

My three darling granddaughters who were there to play dress-ups and join in the Mad Tea Party.
we had breakfast for our tea.
And another one came later on for the dress-ups.  Then we all 
went to another granddaughters 2nd Birthday.  It was surely a 
day of partying!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Snow day in July Blog Party Welcome

The shop around the corner is hosting this lovely party.  I am a little bit late in getting my post up.
But I am so excited to see the other posts.  I love Winter and Christmas.  So when it is so hot out,
isn't it wonderful for us to dream a little about winter and the holidays.

Wintry goes along with Christmas.  Everyone wishes for a "White Christmas"  so in this post
there will be some Christmasy crafts that evoke Winter.    Enjoy!

Two wintry creations from a couple of years ago.  
Can't have that wintry feeling without a snowman or two!

The frozen fountain.  Perhaps this will cool you off!  Happy snow day in
July to you all!

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