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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

New Shadow Box with old stuff (featured in the magazine)

I got out my old Christmas decorations from when I was a child. (What little I had) and put together this vintage shadow box to forever remind me of my childhood Christmas' I am thinking of doing this eventually for all of my children. This was viewed in the article from Elan Woman Magazine which was done in Dec. 2008.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Christmas page

This page was done to showcase all the many collections we get out at Christmas time at our house.

Monday, August 25, 2008

More favorite pages

This layout is special because it talks about Kylee and her beautiful eyes. With her artificial eye looking so great, and the light you see in it that makes it look so absolutely real. It means so much to all of us that fake eyes look so wonderful nowadays.

This page was published in a Memory Makers book especially for Teen layouts in 2005. Extra photos are in the big pocket on first page.

The Desert was in full bloom this spring after a lot of rainfall in the winter months.
Our Handsome son Isaac and his beautiful Bride.

These pages are some more of my favorite layouts that I have done, only these are not the newest recently done pages. Click on the pictures to view the detail better.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Adding new scrapbook pages

This is the layout, that is 10 years worth of scrapbooking fun at Pine Valley, Utah with the gals. That is why it is so elaborate, and busy, and I had so much fun creating it!
This layout was of the newborn pictures I took of my first grandson, but the layout was just recently completed.
This is one of my all time favorite layouts. Due to the fact that the subject matter was beautiful and the pictures, taken by Debbi Leavitt were spectacular.
I did not have any paper that would go good with the little plaid shirt, so I came up with the ribbon border sewn on the side. 'So Much' of a cute baby!
Loved this paper with these pictures, taken on Christmas Eve, by Tara Askeroth Leavitt. She is a fabulous photographer.

Please scroll down to look at all scrapbook pages and items posted.
The scrapbook pages above were more recently completed projects.

Thursday, March 20, 2008


Being in between kid and teen is not always fun. But this layout shows that this page has left that all behind. "Tweeners no more"
This is one of my favorites and was really quite simple. Tara and Trent's engagement photos, taken by Debbi Leavitt, at the beaches of So. California were fabulous. Doing a page of them was
so cool, simply titled "By the Sea"

A simpler page that can easily hang on the wall or be put on a 12x12 clipboard.
Thought I should show a simple page verses a more elaborate detailed one.

Monday, March 17, 2008


A Special Valentine's night dinner for Todd and I,
in our own Dining Room. This one happened in 2005.

"Snowflakes" is a page I did for my oldest grandchild Cameron two years ago.
I love the feel of a winter wonderland.
B is for Bold, Blossoming, Beautiful BREYA
" I'm ready " was done when my daughter Kylee, was getting ready to go off to college.

This page was published in Memory Maker's Magazine in 2006 and hangs on my wall in a shadowbox frame.

This page was half of a layout I did in tribute to my mother. "Tell me about when you were young"
I was fortunate to have it published in Memory Makers Magazine before she passed away, so
she was able to see the tribute from me in print. I also have two that came out in 2006 in a book put out by Making Memories on "Scrapbooking for Teens."
I will do individual scrapbook pages for framing as Wall decor or two page layouts for albums or whole albums.

personalized decor

This is like a large framed scrapbook page for the wall. I take large frames and place pictures and embellishments with a title, and no glass, as to accommodate the 3 dimensional look. Clik on any of the pictures on the page to enlarge and see detail.
Would you like to welcome everyone to your home or have a giant framed scrapbook page on the wall? It can be fancy or simple, you decide!

Seen here are some of the pillows for home decoration. I also make baby burp cloths, baby blankets, crib pillows, decorative bed, or couch pillows. (all can be personalized and customized to fit any colors and decor)
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