Monday, February 8, 2010

Who will swap with me?

Here is a sweet little handmade valentine box that will be filled with dark chocolate bliss! And this handmade Vintage Valentine with envelope. Just a simple little scrumptuous swap!

I would love to find a person from my followers who loves to make handmade vintage cards to swap this week with me. I realize I will not get it by Valentine's Day, but that doesn't matter. I just would love something that someone else crafted, and I have visited so many other wonderful blogs lately That I just have gotten so excited about giveways and swaps.
Update: I will be swapping Valentines with Signs and Salvage. Can't wait to get my valentine sign.
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Signs and Salvage said...

I will send you a Valentine is ready to send...I can send it tomorrow and You might even have it by Valentine's Day:) Let me know...FUN!!!

Together We Save said...

What a great idea... I should have done something like this.

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