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Monday, February 15, 2010

Some of my favorite things

I decided that I would show a few things at
random every so often amongst the scrapbook
pages and other creative things. Actually this
large wreath is one I did several years ago. I
used to make these and sell them. It has such a
cottage garden feeling. This must be timeless, because
I have had it hanging on my wall now since 1995 and I still get so many compliments on it.

I love mercury glass, and would like to
collect this stuff.

I actually really do like to collect these
type of dishes, with scenes on them.
I am not sure what this
is called, but it might be called toile.
If anyone knows please let me know. I
have many of these plates with scenes
on them. And the clock is a toile design that says
Paris on it. My favorite is french country decor.

*Hey here is an update. The dishes that I love to collect
are called transferware. Thanks to Diane Knotts. She didn't even know she helped me out on that one.

Hey here is an idea. Place a cast iron door mat in the middle
of your table for a great centerpiece mat. These also make the best trivets for hot casseroles.
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Signs and Salvage said...

THANK YOU for your birthday wishes!! I hope you had a BEAUTIFUL birthday also!! See...we have so much in common!!! I will let you know when your Valentine's arrive:) Have a GREAT day!!


ShEiLa said...

Good heavens you are a busy lady.
YOU have the most creative flair especially when it comes to vintage.


Signs and Salvage said...

Oh...I am so upset!! The package I mailed to you last Friday...I just had it returned to me for not enough postage!! I mailed it through one of those self help machines and I am sure I did something wrong...but it makes me so mad!!! I am really sorry!!!! I added more postage today and mailed it...boo hoo...

On the other hand I received your lovely pakage today...and it si sooooo wonderful!! I will post pictures on my BLOG later today. Thank you so much for your kindness! You are an amazing artist!!

Take Care,


Unknown said...

That wreath has always been one of my favorites too! And definitely the bird bath. Love you.

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