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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

shabbylishious giveaway

Here is a very shabby little giveaway from 'Shabbylishious' from Norway.  Check out her lovely blog.  I love what she does with pillar candles.   The Drawing is June 20th.  I love the title of her blog.

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Karen Valentine said...

Hi Michele! Thanks for leaving your sweet comment on my blog.I had fun popping over here for a visit. I also wanted to offer a little bit of info for you that you might like. I noticed on your sidebar that all of your buttons etc are orienting to the left except the buttons I made for myself or for clients because I always center everything. If you want to fix that, so that everything all lines up nicely on your sidebar, just remove the bit of the code that says < center> at the very beginning of the html code for button. It will make the button align to left and be even with all the rest of your buttons. That's it!! Have fun and I look forward to seeing your studio for Where Bloggers Create 2011!!

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