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Saturday, June 11, 2011

From the 1920's

And with it were these wonderful vintage greeting cards from the 1920's

 this one is in such perfect condition and had a postmard of 1927

I love this one which is a panoramic piece of artwork when you open it out!
I recently hosted a swap for scrapbooking supplies, called the Scrap Stash Swap.  I only had 3 partnerships involved.  My partner was Julie from The Vintage Chic.  She spoiled me greatly and I love what she sent to me.  I really think she sent to much, but I will say thankyou and be tickled to death!  There was really so much scrapbooking supplies, mostly brand new, and I felt like I won one of those contests from a magazine and they send you all these supplies donated by sponsors.  I am thinking that they are a pre-art-deco type style.  Anyway thank you so much Julie, you are a very special blogging friend.  Check out Julie's amazing paper crafting style and her amazing ability to post very touching and poignant feelgood posts.


Hearts Turned said...

Oh, you're just so sweet, Michele! I'm so glad you liked everything, but YOU sent me such lovely treasures as well, my friend! I'll swap treats with you anytime!

I forgot to tell you in my note with the package that I didn't cut out all the vintage stamps from the envelope, I promise! Makes me sad! I bought a few packs of vintage cards at an antique shop last year, and that was the case on most of the envelopes...

So glad you like the cards--I just LOVE vintage graphics! So nice that you appreciate them, too!

Hope your weekend is wonderful, my friend--and thanks again for a fabulous swap!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful vintage cards Michele!
Have a nice day.

Jorgelina said...

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Davi said...

Such wonderful treasures....what a cool idea to swap. :)

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