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Friday, January 14, 2011

Recently published Sets!

This is what the sets look like when I send them to be reviewed by the staff at Storytellers.
Then they let me know exactly how much they will pay me for each set. After I get paid, they are theirs' to do with as they please. And seeing them turned into something tangible is awesome.
Storytellers club is the scrapbooking company that I am priveledged to design for. I have had many sets now published into punch outs, and many sets that have been published to the digital part of storytellers club.
These are sets from the last 3 months, and that means they were made into punchouts. Then they are sent all over the planet to people who join and are sent these large packets each month. You can view all their wonderful products at www.storytellersclub.com The paper that their graphic designers design to go with each set is awesome. I enjoy seeing my designs made into physical pieces.
The above design "Noteworthy was done up in the November pack for Storyteller's Club.

                                                          In December's pack Yuletide Bliss

                                                           In January's pack Bohemian Swirl                                                            
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Anonymous said...

Kisses and nice weekend.

Margie said...

these are really beautiful! how exciting that must be to see your work published like that!

Anonymous said...

Hi Michele!
Thanks for the visit. Gosh - if I could make pinafores my family would be in trouble b/c I would probably hang them everywhere -lol!
Your designs are so pretty and creative!
Blessings and Hugs,

fairyrocks said...

WOW Michelle!!
Your work is Marvelous!!! I would so love to play in the windmills of your mind LOL

Michele Gross said...

Wow! These are fabulous! Easy to see why they got picked up!! So glad you stopped by my blog! I just love meeting other Michele's who also spell their name correctly!! ;D I'm following you now too!!

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