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Friday, November 19, 2010

2010 Christmas season first.

This is the first Christmas decoration grouping I have done this year.
Since I am not hosting Thanksgiving at my home this year, I thought
I would get a jump on all the decorating I do. When I got home from
work tonight I put this together.

These little card holders were given to me by my dear friend
Camille Leavitt, a couple of years ago. I like them so much I
keep them up all year and just change the cards I have them
hold. They usually are Vintage cards.

These two Reindeer were purchased here locally, a couple of years ago,
and I bought one and wanted the other one at the shop. My daughter
ask me what I wanted for Christmas, and I suggested she get me the other one.

This buffet in my dining room is a family heirloom. It was in my husbands
family for many generations. Some of the lead is missing on the sides, but
I love it anyway. I painted the details a long time ago on the bottom drawer.

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Mi Pequeño Atelier said...

Hello there! what a beautiful works and decorating things have yo done in this time, it looks so cute, nice and so chritsmas!! Have a nice day, CARLA

Tammy @ tinselshop.com said...

Your display looks beautiful! Thanks for joining Deck the Halls Friday.
Best wishes,

Anonymous said...

Beautiful and warm decoration, I love it!!!

Have a nice weekend.

Debbie-Dabble Blog and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

Very pretty! Love those reindeer and the card holder idea has really got me thinking!!

Debbie @ A Debbie-Dabble Christmas

Margie said...

very pretty! i feel like i just got my fall decorations finished, now i have to be thinking about the Christmas ones soon! :)

your buffet is breathtakingly beautiful! we inherited one from my hubby's grandparents, which i love, too, even with all the dings and scratches, i love it because it is a family heirloom and it brings back fond memories for him. it's not necessarily my style, but it meant so much for him to have it, so i just MAKE it work! :)

ShEiLa said...

Beautiful. Classy. Vintage.

It looks so Christmasy.


BonjourRomance said...

Bonjour Michele,
What a beautiful blog you have. Love these Christmas decorations and the buffet is just lovely - it must be so special. Thank you for coming by and following along, so sorry it took so long for me to come by to visit you. I am now a new follower and will be back again soon.
Wishing you a good wee and a Happy Thanksgiving,

La Petite Gallery said...

Pretty pretty post,
I love reindeers
still thinking of my Thanksgiving dinner to make.


Marfi-topia said...

how festive!!
I love reindeer and this one is exquisite:)
have a great Thanksgiving!

Gaby Bee said...

What a wonderful post! Love these Christmas decoration! Simply perfect!

I wanted to thank you for signing up to follow me and for your lovely comments!

Gaby xo

Melissa Miller said...

Michelle this is gorgeous! You have done a beautiful job decorating your home.

I hope your Thanksgiving weekend has been a wonderful one.

Blessings, ~Melissa :)

Melissa Miller said...

Oops! I knew your were Michele with one *L*. Just like my sis.

Unknown said...

Very lovely...you've got me inspired. I'm looking forward to getting started on my Christmas decorating when I get back to the states!

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