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Friday, November 5, 2010

A Before and After story

This Chippendale style desk was my husband's when he was growing up, and it was an antique then. There use to be a paper on the back with a date, but that has since been worn off. The desk was given back to my father-in-law and he moved around so much it really took a beating. After his passing away earlier this year, it fell back into the hand's of my husband, and has been in our garage since May, just crying out to be fixed up. After careful examination, I realized that the only way to fix it would be just to use some wood glue and paint. There was a drawer at the bottom that had completely come apart, but I put it back together this week, sanded, spray painted the inside
cubbies, and painted by hand the rest of the desk. The hardware was taken off and spray painted with hammered iron (rust-o-leum)
and the results are seen below. I luckily had the piece that broke off the front leg, and missing hardware. I love this little desk, and used to have it in our home when our children were little. So it even meant a lot to me. My husband has graciously let me have it in my craft studio. Thankyou to my sweetheart, it was like getting a really special gift, and I enjoyed very much restoring it to a useful piece.

I guess in older desks like these, they used to build little secret compartments.  There are two of these, one on each side of the little door.  It was so secret, my husband didn't even know they existed and it was his desk for years.  below is another picture of how it looks when the slant top is down.


Anonymous said...


ShEiLa said...


I envy your ability to 'just do it'... I think about these things and you make them happen. It was fun reading the story behind the desk.


Linda said...

Oh, if I only had a tiny speck of your industry and creativity...I would just LOVE it! Such beautiful projects. I love how you put everything together. (Is that your retreat exchange magnet board from Fairview? So great now!!)

Margaret Ritchie said...

Bravo, Michele!!! Chalk another one up for the sista! It's truly fabulous...good job! Love you!

Pam said...

What a wonderful job you did with this piece. I'm sure you will enjoy it in your craft room.

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