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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I am so lucky!

I just returned from a
wonderful 4 day retreat
to one of my favorite
places. Fairview, Utah
where I get to meet together
with some great friends.  We
craft, scrapbook, quilt, sew,
or whatever we wish to do,
all the while sampling wonder-
ful food, and watching great movies
and just being in the company of
great women.  This lovely eye candy
pin cushion was made especially for me
by my good friend Jill Iroz. It was
a pay-it-forward from her blog. But
we have been friends for about 13 years
now. She surprized me with this
little gem. I had taken a pay-it-forward
to her also, because of something I did
on facebook, and made her a quilted
vintage pillow.  I scrapbooked the whole
time I was there, but I just put it in my
workspace and admired it, and got so
giddy everytime I looked at
it. She definitely made a 'Michele' thing.
It is quite heavy, and the pincushion part is
filled with ground walnut shells, something
she says you get at a pet supply., and she said
she got the bottom stand and a thrift shop. I
think it must have been a candy dish. Isn't it
cool, when you see something that is one thing,
and are able to visualize something else useful
and beautiful. Thankyou so much Jill, I could
not love it more.

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Unknown said...

it is beautiful.........

ShEiLa said...

Oh that is where you have been. This is a lovely blog.


Kerry said...

I absolutely LOVE that pin cushion - it is so regal:-) I'll have to keep my eye out for a bottom like that!!!

Anonymous said...

That is really cool!

Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

What a beautiful gift ! Why are all the events on the West coast ????


Jill Iroz said...

Michele!! You are so sweet to blog about this. Thank you for all the wonderful things you said. I am the lucky one you know.....to have you as my friend. I absolutely LOVE my christmas pillow. It is beautiful and I know I will not want to pack it away with all my Christmas things. It will be out all year long.

parTea lady said...

The retreat sounds like a lot of fun. That is a great looking pin cushion your friend made for you.

Sherrie said...

You have the most beautiful blog. All your creations and pictures of loved ones! WOW!

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