Friday, June 18, 2010


A while ago I added this very shabby nightstand to house all my scrap paper.
A chrystal drop from a chandelier hangs from the center of the valance.
My antique folding green table serves as a spot for my shabby jewelry creations for my Etsy Shop
I had this shelf made many years ago, for all the stamps.  I have only kept the ones I really still use. 
So the shelf houses some of my treasures as well.

My creative space is a conglamoration of so many things that I just love to have around me. I am so happy when I am in this Creative Space.  *  Now one more post with more pictures!  keep scrolling down!!!
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jen said...

Michele my my sweet belle! I love this post with your jewelry making supplies! I started out making jewelry as my first job out of highschool! I love making jewelry my mom made and sold it when I was a toddler:) I didn't even show my vintage bead collection! the more I get to know you the more fun stuff we have in common! I love it! Love how you store all your supplies, you really have a great eye for things!

luvs and glitter

Create With Joy said...

I love your creative space - especially your stamp shelf on the wall (wish I had one of those) and your ribbon holder - and invite you to visit mine as well!

Also - what a harrowing experience on the cliff with the camera! Thank goodness you are safe! Welcome to the Sorority - I look forward to seeing your Rush project when your new camera arrives!


Margaret Ritchie said...

I love your style and you have such wonderful stuff...Could you do me a favor and post something on my Linky Party today! (Invite your friends, too!) Love ya, thanks!

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