Friday, May 21, 2010

From Kimberly Laws

Some more beautiful tags have arrived from
my extra Alice tag swap. Kimberly laws of sent me all
this wonderful stuff. I love how she
wrapped it up in an old sewing instruction sheet.
Very schiek (okay I don't know how to spell that
last word) and creative if you ask me.

I love the way she stamped this image on a large button.
this wonderful vintage trim all wrapped up
on a cute tag really gets me going!

Thanks so much and
I am sorry I am just getting around to posting this.
my Daughter is having her first baby
soon and is keeping me hopping.

Such a talented lady
she made this darling charm too. I Love It!
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Anonymous said...

Hello Michele,
Thank you for visiting my blog, entering my giveaway, and becoming a follower! It is so very nice to meet you!

I love your work ... your eye for arrangement is magical! Don't you just love those micro beads? I discovered them a few weeks ago ... I have an old vintage sconce with two shades that I embellished using and assortment of pearl and gold beads. They still a little need work though... but I am please with the direction I am headed!

A swap sounds intriguing ... though I don't know if I have the treasures a professional could use! I must confess, I have never partaken in such fun, so you will have to guide me in the way it is done! I am GAME!

By the way, I don't see that you showed up as a follower ... would you mind singing up again? I'd love to see your smiling face!

Have a blessed and blissful weekend!

Connie said...

Such cute tags! There are some very creative people out there!
Good luck to your daughter! How exciting!

Shell said...

Hi Michele!

Shell here from "Bungalow Bling." Not sure how you found me,,but thanks for stopping by and your lovely comments!

I've just signed up to follow your blog and will pop over to your OTHER blog too!


Connie said...

Hi, sugar, and thank YOU for dropping by my blog connie-livingbeautifully. Isn't it funny how we can tell someone is LDS from a blog that would give no other indication other than a wedding dress? :-)

But I'm in Nampa. And I'm adding you to my Google Reader, which is where I follow people because I like it so much better than Blogger's follower.

I adore that sweet dress you made also. Is there a pattern number? I would love to make one for my first great granddaughter due next week.


Kimberly at ArtJoyStuff said...

Hi Michele,
I am so glad that you are pleased with the tags I made for you, they were fun to do, and I love the tags that I received from you in exchange. I will blog about them this week, I don't have a good reason for my delay, just trying to do too many things at once. Best of luck to your daughter and blessings to your whole family.

jen said...

What a beautiful treasure trove :) I am working away on your swap package I think you'll be surprised.... Curious if you got my last couple of emails ....I replied to yours so it would go through...I bet you are Super busy there miss jack of all crafts Hee hee! Let em know when ya get a chance :)
luvs and glitter

Linda said...

I am salivating (that would be "drooling") over your gorgeous tags. That are just beautiful and very "chic." (I had the spelling discussion on my blog recently!) Sure did miss you last weekend!

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