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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Help needed with blogger.

    Help!  I am needing help with blogger Adsense.  Does anyone out there know how to get the adsense to actually put ads onto your blog, and start making that work.  I have added it to my new blog and can't figure it out.  Oh and by the way I have started a new blog.  Hope to be getting it in full swing soon, so I can turn it into something fabulous.  Check it out by clicking on my new picture on my sidebar here.  It is called Michele's likes and favorites.  Come see what I have already posted.
     I also have noticed, even with myself that everyone seems to be drifting from their blogging.  I am wondering with smart phones, pinterest and facebook posting, has this changed?  I am going to work on my blogs more faithfully, and visit other blogs as well, become followers and try to get into it again. I always got so much enjoyment out of blogging.  I miss that, do you?  I miss the good friends I had made through blogging, swapping and giveaways.


Glenda/MidSouth said...

Sorry - I am of no help on the adsense issue. I know what you are saying - blogging has really changed over the last couple of years. :(
I really need to take the time and reevaluate/update mine and make some decisions as to what I hope to accomplish.
Off to check out your other blog.

Mom E. said...

I can't help with the AdSense either...and I agree, people have all taken a step back from blogging, which made me feel better about my not blogging! LOL For me it was just that I had so much going on last fall and it was easier to just enjoy everyone else's blogs! I fiddle too much when I post and it takes me a LONG time. This year I am going to try to not fiddle with photos so much! But I like to fiddle!

Unknown said...

dear madam,

I've been blogging and using ad-sense for a while now but i had to shutdown my blog because i was busy.
i would like to help you with your blog and even direct some traffic your way.
contact me: yaqoob.almaskari@gmail.com

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