Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Most recent finds

Been sailing through the yard sales both here in Southern Nevada and in Utah on Saturday mornings, and the following pictures are most of what I have found.  I think I am going to have fun changing up and displaying some of these things.
 Found this cute reproduction french footstool that looks brand new.  I am wanting to put different legs on it and make it just a little higher maybe.
 What a fun teacup this will be when it comes time to brew up my loose pack herbal teas.
 This precious little bottle jumped right out at me hidden in a whole flock of old bottles
 I think this was from the inside of an old drawer.  I am planning on doing something really cool with this in my kitchen redo.
 Remember these?  It is a Good Seasons cruit salad dressing mixer/shaker.  I was tickled to find it!
 Sad story with this one.  It had a lovely lid to it that got broken after I bought it.  Please provide bags for people when you have a yard sale, especially for the breakables.  I had a toddler and an armfull of stuff and the top fell to the concrete.  I was so sad!  I just put the mercury glass pinecone in so it would'nt look so plain.  Love the shape of it though.
I loved the blue for a fourth of July post I will do later.  I found two of these.
 This looks like depression glass, but it is a reproduction.  Loved it still!
 This frame will be perfect in my kitchen redo!
 cute old chair that will be in my craft room.
 one very pretty placemat!
now I just need to find some little trays to go underneath of the cover.  


JoAnne said...

Really great finds Michele!

fairyrocks said...

Good garage sale scores!! I have been banned from picking up things...so alas I have to live vicariously from free souls like you. Thanks for sharing. Keep smiling and creating

Jillayne said...

Too bad about the top, but your mercury topper was truly inspired - I do love it!
I also remember the Good Seasons cruet, and I remember the commercials on tv - too funny!
You found some wonderful treasures on your day out, but I think my favourite is the chair - I do love old painted chairs...

sandy said...

Wonderful finds and I remember the salad dressing bottle! My Mom had one, great memories!

Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

You founds some great treasures, I think my favorite is the footstool. You're right, it looks like it needs to be a little taller, but I love the cover. Sorry to hear about your mishap at the yard sale, that's happened to me before.

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