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Monday, August 20, 2012

A little bit of scrapbooking

 I have not scrapbooked for a long time.  Just to busy doing other crafts and projects I guess, but still have such a love for the craft.  Here is some of the scrapbooking I have finished just this morning. 
This first two page layouts are of my second to the youngest granddaugthters 12 moth photo shoot!

I love the vintage embellishments I used from Crafty Secrets and fro9m graphics 45

This one below is of the youngest granddaughter who was born last summer and was 6 months at the time of this photo. 

And here is the one I did for my little Claire Bear.  She is turning one this month.  Both Kinley and Claire are my little sweethearts.  They are about 6 months apart in age.

I had so much fun getting into the scrapbooking again.  I have so much more to get done. I had fun using some of my trims on these pages.  


Linda said...

I wanna scrapboooook....

Margie said...

beautiful babies and beautiful scrapbook pages!

Tiffany said...

I love all of the pages! They are all so detailed and amazing. It makes me miss scrapbooking SO much but I guess this just isn't my season for that!

JoAnne said...

You make me want to scrapbook again Michele...really nice pages!

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Oh...Adorable!!! Can you believe that is one craft I have never done before.....Oh, but wait I'm not a grandma yet...HUM I bet I will be interested in it when I am!


A Magical Whimsy said...

Thank you for coming to follow my blog. I adore your blog and the sweet photos of some of your beautiful children and adorable grandchildren.
I will enjoy coming here often!
Teresa in California

Connie said...

I try to get to the last person on a linky party because....well, they're LAST! But the very last one was in Japanese, I think, and I couldn't read a word. Anyway, I'm glad to have come here, sugar! I think it's Romantic Home Show and Tell from last week. Okay, so I'm slow. ;-) Nice to meet you though.

Hearts Turned said...

I love these, Michele! Sorry I didn't see these earlier!


Unknown said...

In all honesty, these designs only show that even coming out of a scrapbooking hiatus, you still haven’t lost your touch. You clearly did a great job of creating all these adorable layouts! Your grandkids are so cute and their photos are just perfect with the pin-ups and design frames.

Max Macbeth

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