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Sunday, August 19, 2012

A somewhat more simple life

I am not old enough to remember these types of milk bottles, but it sure is fun to have them anyway.   

I just like old things, for some reason.  Things that have a story, and a past.  Below are some
other fun items from the past that some might remember.  
This box is like new and still has the foot covers inside!  I don't think there is anything that only costs
a quarter!
rejuvenate my bra is something we could still use.  Why don't they still make and sell these.  
 Love the way this grograin ribbon is packaged.  Only 55 cents.
Yes, life was simple!


Unknown said...

Simple is so much better isn't? So hard not to get caught up in it all! Thanks for sharing the pictures!! Love the Peds!!


Unknown said...

I love the old milk bottles, specially the one with the metal on it.
I have a few collected milk bottles myself.
Thanks for sharing your finds.

The Old Parsonage said...

Simpiler times sound good to me. Give me a stay at home Mom anytime.

Enjoy your week and your fun finds!


EllenaElizabeth said...

Loved seeing your little pre-loved treasures. I too love vintage items that have a story. The only vintage or pre-loved things I don't really like are jewellery and underwear! LOL for some reason estate jewellery icks me out unless I know the person eg:my great great aunty gave me a garnet ring, and I love it and wear it.

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