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Monday, January 30, 2012

Handmade and Vintage Valentines Around my house!

This was last years Valentine decoration.  I pulled it out again.
It was a great paper craft!
One of two cards I made with this lovely image, from the graphics fairy.  This one was sent to Indulge yourself's blog for a Valentine's Day swap.  And the other is to be given away in my fab giveaway for Valentine's day.  Be sure to check it out in the post below and get entered in for the drawing!
inside this card.
a vintage card tucked into the teacups.
another vintage card tucked into my shelf of teacups
One of my excellent signs made by Kristin from signssalvage.blogspot.com  We even share the same birthday!

This is the front of four Valentine ornaments I made for the swap also.
The back side of the same ornament
Another one of Kristin's wonderful signs sent to me for last year's birthday.  I just love her vintage signs on recycled boards.
Another quite old Valentine card which I framed.
Just had to throw this in there.  It is a sweet music box from Switzerland which plays Lara's theme.  (I love song from Dr. Zhivago)
and one more. . . . .
My first two grandbabies captured in this adorably sweet double heart frame.  They are both 9 years old now!


Shabby chic Sandy said...

I love all the vintage Valentines stuff. It looks so pretty--one of my favorite holidays. Chocolates, flowers and love..what could be better?!

Peace said...

Just plain lovely! I stopped decorating for V-Day when my kids stopped sending Valentines in school, but the sheer love of pink and red has dragged me back. Your pictures are an inspiration toward that also! I'm totally stealing the tucking vintage Vals here and there idea. Nice way to actually see what I've collected! :OD

BucksCountyFolkArt said...

I used to get so excited for Christmas because it was the only time I really decorated for a special day. These past years of blogging have been so much fun as others have inspired me to decorate all year round! Valentine's has become one of my favorite times of year now. What's not to love?

JoAnne said...

Lovely Michele!


Great Valentine treasures around your house!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

You've got some beautiful Valentine pieces! I love that first piece ~ just lovely! I also love how you've tucked bits in between things, like your teacups.

fairyrocks said...

Lovely Valentines post. Very sweet indeed. It is nice to love and be loved
Keep smiling and creating

That Craft Place Ltd said...

wow, its all gorgeous but I also love your first piece.... am an avid follower now!

Erica said...

Beautiful decorations!

Signs and Salvage said...

Hey....thank you so much for the shout out! You rock!!!! Hope you are having a beautiful Valentine/Birthday month so far!!!

xoxo Kristin

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