Sunday, October 23, 2011

Some things that are truly Special!

It isn't very often, that I get out to yard sales in my area that turn out to be the most amazing ones, due to the items which I find.  But yesterday, my daughter-in-law Barbara and I set out to do a little bit of thrifting or antiquing.  When we ventured out we covered those in the paper and those signs we would just see while traveling for yard sales.  The last one however, was an estate sale in which the people there, would buy up storage units and sell the contents.  Sometimes it is very profitable I understand.  But we found some things that tickled us to no end!  Next, Barbara found these little baby shoes. . . .A steal at $8.00
Aren't they just amazing?  We were both so excited about these baby shoes.  Then she was intrigued by this little rock hound's jar, with a description and rocks inside.  (below)
Then I picked up, and decided to buy this adorable Double Breasted Child's dress coat.  (below)
There are some stains on it, but otherwise it is in perfect condition!  Any ideas out there on removing stains like these from antique clothing?
Detail on the sleeves.  This little gem was $5.00
The back view of the garment.  I love the collar.  While taking these pictures I could just imagine the child standing in a pose at the photographers studio wearing the button up shoes and this little coat!
I also found these leather booties.  The leather was pink and the ribbon was so worn and falling off, but for baby shoes they were amazing!  The cost was $5.00
On the tongue of these booties, the soft leather was very pink.  Not faded at all!  I
love them!  They were  $5.00
I also bought this baby's bonnet.  It is practically fragile, and so delicate, it is so very old.  This was $5.00 too!
I was tickled to death to find these vintage beauties.  The garland is several feet long and the glass globes will be great on my vintage bottle brush trees.  They cost $.50 each.  One of the best dollars I ever spent!
My other great finds of the morning.  When we returned we felt like we truly did have a successful Antiquing experience, at major bargain prices! And what fun it was to share it with my daughter-in-law Barbara Askeroth!
Barbara also picked up this camera at the first sale we visited and got it for $15.00  It was a pretty fair price I think!


Anonymous said...

you truly did find some special treasures! i love the baby shoes and coat...think about the little cutie who wore sweet!
everything was a great buy...
not to mention special day with DIL

karen hess jewelry said...

Wow! Michelle, these were certainly special finds! You are so lucky...especially living in the West where we have so many "transplants." I find it more and more difficult to find treasures like these in Tucson or Phoenix. It seems that people who relocate out here have pretty much purged their "old stuff" before making the move. Congrats on all your amazing finds, and to be able to share this passion with your daughter-in-law...that's even more special!

Anonymous said...

Nice photos! I like the camera, it is so old and vintage, but looks great! Greetings:)

Marsha @ Tattered Chick said...

Ohhhh, you truly found some treasures!! I really ♥ those first shoes!!! I'm on the hunt for a pair like that and what a great price!!

I found a vintage camera too this weekend!!! I've been wanting one for quite some time!


Anna Rosa Designs said...

Oh ah, it was your lucky day.
These are all great finds!
Wish I was there.
Creative hugs,

Margaret Ritchie said...

Omygosh!!! Wow! I can't believe the prices you got all those WONDERFUL items for!!! Now, I am really jealous of you...those items are simply fabulous!!!!

Kim @ Starshine Chic said...

You definitely scored some fabulicious goodies.

Laurie said...

Wow! I can't believe you found these at garage sales! I normally don't find antiques at yard sales -- you got some great stuff!

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