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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Summertime Tea Party

When I woke up this morning I looked out and saw that it was cloudy and looking like it would rain.  What do you do with your 8 year old granddaughter if she is staying with you and you can't go swimming?  Well, I think you should invite another 8 year old and have a Tea Party.
 Aren't they just adorable.  And they are both just as sweet too.  My little friend on the left, and my granddaughter on the right.  I have been wanting them to get together for a while, so I kept telling my friend that I would have her over when my granddaughter came for a visit.  Notice the vintage clip-on earrings they are both wearing.  They were pinching, so I told them they only had to wear them for the picture!
My granddaughter and I went to work on setting a sweet little table.  She is such a great helper, and was so excited for the little event.  She loved getting out some special things and I taught her how to set a proper place setting.  I finally got to use my sweet sign made by Kristin from Signs and Salvage.  We swapped at Valentines and this is one of the signs she sent me.  Another reason I had to have a tea party!

At each place I put a small teacup and saucer for them to keep, with almonds and dried cranberries inside with a special tag for each one in hopes they will remember the fun time we had at our "Tea"
We had buckwheat waffles, boysenberry syrup, juice and fruit salad.  We talked about table manners all the way through it.

What a fun time we had discussing 8 year old happenings.  These girls are the cream of the crop.  Thank you for letting me play with you!


Anonymous said...

Oh Michele
this is so SWEET!
i love my grandSONS
but don't have any
tea parties...
last night they
were over and we
had a hose fight :D
5 year old running
soak and wet all
over the yard!!!
this post is just lovely!
you are such a
charming hostess
i'm sure these girls
will have fond memories
of tea parties :D

Marsha @ Tattered Chick said...

Oh, Michele, what fun!!! I just love that last photo!! I know they both will remember this day always!



I love the Tea party and may have one myself with my Grand and her friend! Sweet photo and memories.
Good idea to have them learn some "table manners".
I'm working on your swap gift and still plan on mailing it Friday.

Emily said...

Cutest Tea Party ever!! Myra loved every second of it...and talked about it all evening!

Thanks for being so wonderful!!

Super Coopers said...

Oh my gosh how much fun was that!! Now I can't wait to have some granddaughters too. What an awesome grammy you are.

Marfi-topia said...

how cute!!!!
the girls are adorable and what a sweetheart you are for making their day so memorable.

Davi said...

Michele, What a wonderful idea and fabulous memories you are helping create for your granddaughter!! Tea Parties are the best :)

Little Messy Missy said...

LOVE the orange tea cups!!!

Linda said...

When we lived in Utah the third graders (8-year-olds) at Midway Elementary always had a Valentine Tea, with the boys escorting the girls and everyone using their best table and party manners. Hmmm...I'm thinking of a new theme for a session of "Camp Nana...." Sounds like you had great fun!

Kendra Morris said...

You are such a fun Grammie! What a fun tea party mom! Looks like the girls had fun. I love Myra's dress and the clip on earrings! FUNNNN!

Art By Wanda said...

Very sweet!!!! I'd say they are having a fabulous time!!

Annesphamily said...

What a beautiful tea party and what beauties you have for grands! I am so happy I came over. I am new following you. Anne

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