Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wonderfully Shabby

One persons trash is anothers treasure!

I bought two of these at a garage sale last year and they have been in my garage since then
waiting to be refinished or painted. I have been working on my creative space the last week and had needed to fill a spot in my room, with something like this. When I went to my garage to start the project of painting one of them, I got to looking at it, and I really liked what I saw in it. So I just cleaned it up and some more of the paint came off. I got out of a painting job, and found that the shabby look is the easy look. I LOVE IT!

This lovely China doll was made by my Mother. It was a gift for her mother, because when Grandma Ford was a girl she had a doll like this but it got broken. My mom decided that even though she was elderly, she might still like to have it. My Grandmother was thrilled, and when she passed away, it went back to my Mom, and then my Mother passed away a few years ago, then it came to me. I have had it put away, but since my room needed some sprucing up I got her out. She is perfect sitting on my French Provencial Very Shabby night stand, don't you think?
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Ruth said...

Just love the furniture! They are perfect without all that work!

Ruth ;-)

Laurie said...

It looks very nice - no elbow grease required! I received my swap package today and I just love it even more in person! I am especially thrilled with the little German paper pieces -- I have a huge fondness for Germany because I lived there for a year when I was 22! Thank you for swapping with me! I will be taking some photos and blogging about it in the very near future.

Unknown said...

Love it!

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