Monday, March 17, 2008

personalized decor

This is like a large framed scrapbook page for the wall. I take large frames and place pictures and embellishments with a title, and no glass, as to accommodate the 3 dimensional look. Clik on any of the pictures on the page to enlarge and see detail.
Would you like to welcome everyone to your home or have a giant framed scrapbook page on the wall? It can be fancy or simple, you decide!

Seen here are some of the pillows for home decoration. I also make baby burp cloths, baby blankets, crib pillows, decorative bed, or couch pillows. (all can be personalized and customized to fit any colors and decor)

1 comment:

sherriedee said...

wow Michele!!! loved the blog. Always lamented the fact that my favorite crafter left me in Pinetop. You are very talented.
Miss you!!!!
Sherrie Paxman

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