Monday, March 17, 2008


A Special Valentine's night dinner for Todd and I,
in our own Dining Room. This one happened in 2005.

"Snowflakes" is a page I did for my oldest grandchild Cameron two years ago.
I love the feel of a winter wonderland.
B is for Bold, Blossoming, Beautiful BREYA
" I'm ready " was done when my daughter Kylee, was getting ready to go off to college.

This page was published in Memory Maker's Magazine in 2006 and hangs on my wall in a shadowbox frame.

This page was half of a layout I did in tribute to my mother. "Tell me about when you were young"
I was fortunate to have it published in Memory Makers Magazine before she passed away, so
she was able to see the tribute from me in print. I also have two that came out in 2006 in a book put out by Making Memories on "Scrapbooking for Teens."
I will do individual scrapbook pages for framing as Wall decor or two page layouts for albums or whole albums.

1 comment:

Trent & Tara said...

Mom~ You really amaze me with your scapbooking skills. And your creativity in general. You can take anything and make it look fabulous.

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