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This page is a work in progress, because I am always hoping to have something else published  I have been published in one scrapbooking book about teen layouts, two times in Memory Makers Magazine and an article in Elan Woman magazine.  And I am a designer for Storytellers Club which publishes my works in assorted punchouts with beautiful papers to match and also puts my designs into the largest digital scrapbooking store ever!  

Here is a photo of the Nov/Dec issue of Elan woman magazine

Here is something from Elan Woman magazine editor's blog. she was talking about me as she had come to my house earlier that day.  Darci Hansen is an amazing woman who publishes the most beautiful magazine honoring what woman do.  An article was published later that year about me, in the Nov./Dec. issue. 
Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Headed south to Mesquiite and Logandale, Nevada today with sales executive, Paula Bell. Enjoyed visiting our clients. High Desert Design has a fabulous show room and lots of STUFF to go along with my living room re-design I'm taking on in the next few weeks.

While in Nevada, I met with a lovely woman that we will feature in the Sept/Oct issue. This beautiful, 51 year old, mother of 8...yes, 8 (with a set of twins in the mix) was such an inspiration to my heart.

As we chatted I pondered her extreme humility in acknowledging her MANY talents. As a matter of fact, when I initially called her, she didn't see herself in the creative light that I had heard of. Sharing some time with her today, my soul was elevated by her kindness and admiration for the work that's been done with elan woman. However, it was I who was inspired by her spirit. "You, a gorgeous mother of 8, so talented in your own right...it is MY privilege to spend this moment with you." Divinely unique, yet like others I've come to know...she was unsure of the question, "what's next?"

Deep in trying to unravel my own evolution, I shared with her what I have learned. "It isn't until we accept the magnitude of the fullness of our purpose can we really know what is next. When you embrace the awesome presence of your existence in this moment, you will become alive and ready to experience what is next." She truly is an incredible spirit...what a treat to have a new girlfriend. I'll share her with you in the fall issue of elan.

Posted by Darci Hanson Editor in chief  Elan Woman Magazine

Above are shots from the article in Elan woman.  I was so flattered to have been one of the chosen for this months articles.  The circulation for this magazine is Southern Utah, Southern Nevada and parts of Arizona.  Sometimes other parts of those 3 states.

Now onto 'Story Tellers Club Designs' that have been published for Ultimate packs and sent out to members of the monthly scrapbooking club.  

Here are some of the sets  I have designed that have either been published into punch outs with matching paper, or put on the digital scrapbooking side of Story Tellers club.

This design called 'Carefree' was published in the April 2010 Ultimate pack for Story Tellers Club.

This Spring/Mother's day themed set, went to the Digital side of Story Tellers Club.  Each piece can be purchased separately.

'Treasure this moment' was put on the digital side also.

Falling into Fall was in the October 2009 Ultimate pack and also on the digital side.

This one called I believe was for the December 2009 ultimate pack
 "Noteworthy was done up in the November pack for Storyteller's Club.  I used vintage ledger paper in this set.  Above is what the sets look like when I send them to be reviewed by the staff at Storytellers.
Then they let me know exactly how much they will pay me for each set. After I get paid, they are theirs' to do with as they please. And seeing them turned into something tangible is awesome.
Storytellers club is the scrapbooking company which has members join online and send packs out all over the globe.   I have had many sets now published into punch outs, and many sets that have been published to the digital part of storytellers club.
 You can view all their wonderful products at www.storytellersclub.com The paper that their graphic designers design to go with each set is awesome. I enjoy seeing my designs made into physical pieces.
The above design

                                                          In December's 2010 pack Yuletide Bliss

                                                           In January 2011 pack called 'Bohemian Swirl'


Above, is probably my favorite one,  I love designing it and seeing it published.  I used more vintage ledger paper and vintage ribbons too.  It is called "French connection"

This one was published in the June 2011 Ultimate pack

Years back   2005 and 2006 I was fortunate to have some of my scrapbooking layouts get published in a book called Totally Teen, and then I had two layouts published in Memory Makers Magazine.  Following are pictures of those layouts. . . . .

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