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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Announcing the Fall Intrigues Shabby Tote Swap

Do you like totes?  Well I do!  I am nuts about nifty little tote bags.  To transport all sorts of things and keep everything in its place.  I have one to store the coloring books, art paper and crayons for my grandchildren.  I have a special little one that holds just enough favorite dvds  for a great weekend retreat.  I also have perfect totes for scrapbooking supplies and totes for magazines to take with me in the car.

I made this little tote bag just the other day.  I thought, why not swap this tote and make it a fall one at that.  So. . . . . . .

I am announcing the FALL INTRIGUES SHABBY TOTE SWAP    Last year I hosted the fall intrigues "basket" swap.  But this time I would like to make it a little bit more interesting.

****Here all the rules.

1)   Make or decorate a simple canvas tote approximately 11" x 12" and put a shoulder strap on it.

2)  Inside fill it with anything having to do with fall.  Can be Autumn anything, Halloween, or Thanksgiving.  Can be handmade, or vintage, or even brand new.  Put things into it that you would love to receive.  But please don't put lots of things in the box too, just what ever can fit into the bag.  It can hang out of the bag, but not out of the tote.  Keep it lightweight so shipping won't be to expensive.

3)  If you are interested, you must email me by October 6th at ask@comnett.net and put in the subject line "Fall Shabby tote swap" and I will let you know who your partner is by October 7th.  Give me all your info in this original email.  I need your name, address, and also your email and blog addresses.  It is beneficial to be able to visit blogs and or flickr pages to get a feel for one's partner's dislikes and likes.

NOTE******Please do not go out and buy lots of stuff.  The fun of these swaps is to use what is in your stash and also use your abilities and creativity.  Also be sure to contact your partner before hand.  Getting to know one another makes for a better swap too!

Here are some ideas for things to put in the bag.

1)    chocolate
2)    scrapbooking supplies
3)    vintage doilies
4)    handmade cards
5)    vintage ephemera
6)    notebooks
7)    albums
8)    aprons
9)    hankies
10)  buttons
11)  jewelry
12)  small candles
13)  small books
14)  small frames
15)  craft supplies or kits

Some closeups of the tote that I will swap.  I decorated my bag with vintage buttons, ribbons, and vintage crocheted lace.

I will put all the participants names on my sidebar by the 7th of October.  And the shipping date for this swap will be October 19th, 2011  REMEMBER THIS IS A SHABBY TOTE


ImagiMeri said...

Oh I would so love to participate, but I've got too much goin' on right now. Thank you for the opportunity, and I'll keep my eyes out for your next swap.


Wendy said...

This is a great little tote! I have just sent out an email with my info....this will be a lot of fun....and like you I love totes of all kinds....

Anonymous said...

Thanks for coming by my blog! This looks like a fun swap, I'll give it some thought. My grandgirls are here in the craft room with me so i have to gooooo! More later! ♥

Erica said...

oh Michele - your tote is beautiful! I wish I could sew well.

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