Monday, May 9, 2011

I love being a Mom!

This picture was taken in 2008 and pictured here is myself (in the middle) with my 4 daughters, one of my daughter-in-laws and granddaughter Breya peeking through my shoulder.  My son's were not around, this was a baby shower.  I couldn't love my sons and daughters more, as I have 4 of each.   I am probably busier now than I was when they were all at home.  Now it is helping them out with so many different things, being present when one of these daughters has a baby, babysitting grandkids, sewing for them, mending for them, helping out in many different ways, and I love every minute of it.  Being a mom is what I always wanted to do when I grew up more than anything else.  I am so thankful I had the priviledge of being everyone of these 8 people's Mother.  Yep, all I did back when they were all at home and what I do for them now as they are almost all married is the most important thing in my life for sure.
My husband says I spend so much time on my phone talking to them all, but he knows that I need to talk to them as they need me for different reasons.  Yep being Mom is the greatest blessing any woman can get!
I LOVE IT!   One more thing.   To all my kids, thanks for being such wonderful human beings, and for giving me such a great Mother's Day!


Anonymous said...

You have a beautiful daughter!
Happy Mother's Day dear.

Kimberly at ArtJoyStuff said...

You have been so blessed and it is good to see that you realize and appreciate that. I hope your Mother's Day was lovely, my friend.

My Favorite Things said...

How wonderful to have eight kids! I have two who are growing up so fast. I wish every day i would of had more. I am really looking forward to having a ton of grandkids! Happy Mother's Day! ~ Kim

Chris Arlington said...

What a lovely family. Your girls certainly look like you. They are lucky to have such a talented and creative Mom. I read your profile and agree that after completing a digital course I soon realized it wasn't for me I need to cut, paste and get inky to relax.

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