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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Matchbox day 4

This adorable little box is from Michele (I am sure she is a
kindred spirit with her name and spelling like that!)
at scrappycatsx3.blogspot.com
Inside was a wonderful button ring made by her!
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Wendy said...

What a cute box and a button ring!

marie said...

This matchbox is definatelyone of my favorites...so cute!!

genie said...

I love this one for the button. I use buttons on everything...I am OCD with them. Happy Holidays from Genie

srpprcrftr said...

Just found your blog tonight thru a link. Your talent is unsurpassed. What beautiful matchboxes and pillows. I had been collecting doilies, lace, buttons for years so I could make decorated pillow covers.
Yours are so gorgeous, don't know if I can make anything that awesome. So glad I found your blog. I'd never seen the decorated matchboxes or known there were exchanges for them. What an incredible way to trade beautiful things. I know if I got one I'd never part with it.

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