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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Easter time

This is my new Spring and Easter centerpiece. I used my ceramic basket, that I made many years ago. It has six sides with a lovely
floral motif on each panel. The eggs are really special. They are actually real live chicken eggs, collected just a couple of mornings before. I love the different colored ones. I got a carton of 18 from a friend who has chickens. They probably gather about 6 dozen per day. I learned some interesting facts about different colored chicken eggs the other day. Different chickens lay different eggs. The speckled ones are my favorites. There were some that were plain dk. brown and look just like they were dyed. I found out that the chickens secreet a kind of dye as they are laying them. Hence the speckles and the dark brown on some of them. These other greenish ones are from a different kind of chicken.
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Camille said...


Signs and Salvage said...

Beautiful!!! I love the speckled egg too!!

Happy Spring!!

Take Care,


Anonymous said...

Michele, yes! I'd love to do a swap.
Anything you'd like to pick! Is there one of my cards that I've posted that you'd especially like?


Anonymous said...

Michele, Email me and we'll exchange our addresses for the swap. :-)


Robin said...

I didn't realize that chickens laid speckled eggs! These eggs are beautiful as a centerpiece.

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