Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Who will swap with me for May Day?

I wanted to do a swap with someone for
May Day. I came back from my daughters
home in logan, Utah where she just had
her first baby. I was gone for quite a while,
and I had not been posting or visiting blogs.
I found everyone was swapping. I was not
able to get in on some of these swaps, so I
decided to do one of my own. I decided to
fill up this cute ceramic cottage instead of
a petite basket. This one has so many surprizes.
But I am selfish, and don't want to just give it
away this time. I want a great little vintage
goodie basket myself. So I am petitioning all of
lovely blogging friends who have not participated
in a swap for may day yet. Leave me a comment
if you wish to participate and if I get a few by
Saturday, April 24th, I will draw, and if I just get a
couple of responses, I will just pick. I am confident
that I will find someone soon, who has some cool
things to send me. Included are: vintage store stock
items from Germany, a doily with ribbon rose in the
middle, Antique buttons, old kilt pin, old fan, velvet
ric rac, soap from bath and body works. handmade
paper medallion with bird, and more, not to mention
the cute ceramic cottage with lid.

It is all wrapped up with celophane and a pretty ribbon
Won't you swap with me?
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Signs and Salvage said...

Oh CUTE!!!! If I was not going out of town this weekend...I would totally do this swap!!

Hope you get someone fabulous to swap with my friend!!

Happy Wednesday:)



Tiffany said...

Hi!! how funny! i went to school with kendra and tara! i live in san diego now....i dont have anything truly vintage or i would love to swap with you! i am on this ning site where im sure you will find someone to swap with its hope to see you there! :)

Laurie said...

Of course I will! Thank you for thinking of me -- when do I need to send mine out? There's a link to my email on my blog, so let me know!

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